Yarn Wrapped Candy Corn

Yarn Wrapped Candy Corn

This no-needle Halloween decoration is a quick and easy way to “spookify” your house! All you need is a selection of styrofoam cones, a hot glue gun and a ball each of white, orange and yellow Bernat Supervalue! Follow along below for step-by-step instructions for this festive craft.

  1. Start by gluing your strand of white yarn starting at the top point of your styrofoam cone, and slowly winding it around, gluing every few wraps as you go to hold the yarn securely in place. Once you are 1/3 of the way down the cone, cut the white strand of yarn and glue into place.


2. At the same point where the white yarn ends, continue with the orange strand, gluing it into place and wrapping as you did with the white. Once again, at the 2/3 mark you will cut and secure the orange yarn.


3. Contine as with step 1 and two, switching to your yellow yarn and wrapping it all the way down to the bottom edge.


4. Glue the yellow yarn all the way around the bottom edge of the styrofoam cone, making sure to keep it straight and tidy.


5. Cut your remaining yellow yarn and…


Voila! You’ve made a sweet and scary no-needle decoration for your home this Halloween! Repeat the process until you have your desired amount of Candy Corn.



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