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  1. Download your knit/crochet pattern at: www.yarnspirations.com/worlds-biggest-stocking
  1. Purchase your yarn for your squares at: www.yarnspirations.com/united.html
  1. Mail in your 3’x3’ squares by Sept. 7 to:
    Caron United – World’s Biggest Stocking Project
    1481 West 2nd Street
    Washington, NC 27889-4157



  1. Sorry for the delay but I just finished my square. Am I too late or can I still send?

  2. Karol Nealson Barton September 14, 2015 at 8:44 am

    I would like to thank you for your support of children of military families. These children are known as Military Brats. I am a 68 year old Army Brat. I was lucky; while my Dad survived WWII, the Fall of Bataan, the Death March and 3+ years as a Japanese POW, he died at the age of 55 in his sleep. However, my younger brother was at West Point and still needed some financial help from time to time. My 47 year old mother went to work for the first time since her teen years to support herself and my brother. I was already married at the time.

    I am so glad that people are now recognizing the fact that the family also “serves”, and that they deserve a helping hand when possible. While very proud, self-sufficient and very mature, a Brat can not always do it on his/her own when their military sponsor is killed when they are very young. These younger Brats need all the help they can get and they deserve to be remembered.

    Thank you for filling a great need that most people don’t realize is there. Wives and Brats also serve and suffer the greatest loss, the loss of their heroes for the rest of their lives. Thank you.

  3. I just received this e-mail otherwise I would have loved to send in some squares. do you still need more?

  4. hey several weeks ago when i first saw the notice that you were looking for blankets for the kids i called and wrote to you asking about when they were due and at that time you told me you had no date now today 9/11/15 you write that you want them by 9//7/15 this is rediciouls this just came to me today the 11th of sept and you want them by 9/7/15 how are we to do that i dont beleive i am the only one to think this is stupid i have several ladies of my crochet group making blankets and do you still want what i have or am i supose to just trash what i have please let me know as our intentions were to help the kids not our selves just to pass the time of day with our work i will be looking for you reply or you can call me at 615-859-7875 please get back to me asap

    thank you
    ellen fasinski

    • There is no need to trash the blankets you have already made. If you are in a crochet group you should know that there are many, many local charities that can use those blankets. Suggest you contact a homeless shelter, or the local VA hospital, if you have one nearby. They can use them, also. I am a veteran and was so sppreciative when I was presented one during a recent hospital stay. Call me for more details. 505-839-7338.
      Susan M.

  5. I wish that this project gets some extra help soon .

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