Guest Post: Valentine’s Wreath

Valentine’s Wreath Guest Post
By Sarah Zimmerman

Hi, I am Sarah Zimmerman, the crochet designer behind the blog Repeat Crafter Me.  I am excited to be back here at Yarnspirations with a new guest post!

Love is in the air! With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, a festive crochet wreath is the perfect handmade piece to add to your holiday décor. Bernat Super Value is my go-to yarn because of it’s texture, weight, and wide variety of colors! With 72 shades to choose from, I was able to select a nice complimentary pallet of pinks, purples, and reds.


If you have never made a crochet wreath before, it is actually easier that you might think. You will start with a 12 inch Styrofoam form which you can find in craft stores.  Next, crochet a long strip that you will stitch around the wreath form. It’s hard to visualize but believe me, as long as you keep the edges lined up, it will all come together without any lumps or bumps!


Next you can start on your yarn wrapped letters! With cardboard or wooden letters (also found at your local craft store) and a hot glue gun, begin wrapping your yarn around the letters, gluing as you go. The edges will need more glue, the long continuous parts of the letters don’t need much at all. When finished, Hot glue all the letters together so the letters are resting up against each other.


Now lets talk about the Puffy Hearts! These are my favorite part of the project and the easiest! The tiny hearts are crocheted in rows instead of rounds so they work up very fast. You make two hearts of the same color and then single crochet the two pieces together, stuffing with poly-fil before closing.


Make as many puffy hearts as you want. I made 3 of each color, and hot glued them into place on the bottom of the wreath. You could stitch them on as well but I found the hot glue is quicker and more efficient. Same goes for the yarn wrapped letters.

And now your LOVE wreath is complete! I hung mine with a command hook. The hook can easily poke into the crochet cover of the wreath and it is removable.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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