Tassel Gift Topper

Tassel Gift Topper

These fast and simple Tassel Gift Topper gift decorations are a great no-needle craft to make on short notice this holiday season. Take a look below to learn everything you need to know to make these no-needle decorations for every present!

What you’ll need:



Step 1

  • Wrap your Caron Simply Soft yarn around your hand approximately 10 times.


Step 2

  • Cut yarn tail.
  • Cut another short piece of yarn.


Step 3

  • Slip the yarn off your hand.
  • Tightly wrap the shorter piece of yarn approximately an inch form one end of the wound yarn.

tassel4 tassel5

Step 4

  • Cut the looped yarn on the longer end of the tassel, leaving the shorter end uncut.


Step 5

  • Take the string of yarn you intend to wrap around your gift and string it through the shorter looped end of the tassel. Tie it tightly and trim the end.


Repeat as many times as you like with your other colors of Caron Simply Soft.

tassel8 tassel9

Use these strings to wrap up your gifts with charming decorations! Happy Holidays!


To add a little extra charm, check out our printable gift tags you can attach to any gift! Containing 8 different tags, the downloadable sheet is exactly what you need to finish off all your presents.


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