Guest Blogger: Stitch for the Stocking Event

Stitch for the Stocking with Yarnspirations
Stitch for the Stocking with Yarnspirations

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Have you heard about the World’s Biggest Stocking Event that is being held towards the end of this year? No… Trust in me! It’s going to be BIG!

Yarnspirations needs your help to fulfill the 3200 squares needed to make the World’s Biggest Stocking. It’s a lot of squares but I did say it was going to be BIG… This project is going after the world record to be considered for the Guinness World Book of Records! I know right? Get Guinness involved and you know it’s gotta be big!

Crocheters and knitters are being asked to contribute their own squares that are 3 feet x 3 feet square (36″ x 36″) in any design that you wish. You can use Christmas colours or even something far more personal. They will even accept squares that are pictures like graph-ghans.

The event that this will be displayed in will be massive! You may even see this on TV and probably find yourself wanting to freeze frame the TV to find your square on the stocking. How fun!

So if that is not enough, Yarnspirations has up’d the stakes to make it more lucrative to want to participate. Not only will you be part of going down in history for this stocking. How does $5,000 in cash look in your piggy bank? How many yarn store visits can you do with $5000?

Now here’s the thing, if you do more than 1 square, you increase your odds of winning the $5,000. Just ensure you pop it into the mail before June 30th, 2015.

Stitch for the Stocking

Stitch for the Stocking

Caron United Yarn

Caron United Yarn


Contributing to Charity

Ever since the launch in January 2015, there are a three elements that haven’t changed. Let me share with you more about those three.

  • This stocking is a charity awareness event for Children of Fallen Patriots┬« Foundation.
  • Caron United Yarn was designed with charity in mind. 15 cents of every ball purchased, regardless of it being on sale, goes directly to the scholarship fund for Children of Fallen Patriots┬« Foundation to help children.
  • When the event is done, the stocking will be dismantled and the afghans will be given out to those in need.

This is truly a community project. View the video below to learn more about this charity.

Free Patterns

Though you can design your own 3 feet x 3 feet square, you can grab inspiration directly from Yarnspirations. There are many patterns for crocheters and knitters to enjoy. Take a look at the free Stocking Squares Patterns.

So now I leave the decision in your hands. It’s a five times the win situation for everyone.

  • Participate with bringing awarness to Children of Fallen Patriots┬« Foundation.
  • Chance to win $5,000 in cash for your submitted squares.
  • If using Caron United Yarn, you are contributing to funding scholarships for children.
  • Honour of being a proud participant of the World’s Largest Stocking for the Guinness World Book of Records.
  • Your squares will be forwarded to those in need after the event.

Be part of this huge charity event and take your rightful place on the stocking by submitting your squares. Good luck!

Example of one of the stocking squares.

Example of one of the stocking squares.



  1. I mailed two blankets a month ago. I was wondering ,how will I know if you received it?

  2. My blanket went into the mail yesterday, 6/18.

  3. I have just finished my 2 squares to send to you all. I can’t thank you all enough for helping so many! I am spreading the word and hashtagging like CRaZy #WorldBiggestStocking Hugs, Kim

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