Stitch for the Stocking FAQs

Stitch for the Stocking FAQs

Stitch for the Stocking Stocking FAQs

Enter for a chance to win big and join Yarnspirations and stitchers around the world as we knit and crochet 3 ft. x 3 ft. blanket squares to be joined together to create the biggest stocking ever using Caron United yarn to support Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation.

We’re attempting to make the World’s Biggest Stocking in Caron United yarn to support the Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides college educations to military kids who have lost a parent in the line of duty.

Q: How Do I Enter?

A: Follow the below steps to enter:

Sign up: at

Stitch: Knit or crochet a 3′ x 3′ square.

Submit: Each square you send = another chance to win

Support: Children of Fallen Patriots Foundations by using Caron United for your piece of the stocking

Receive 25% off of your purchase of Caron United when you sign up!

Q: Where do I send my finished blanket(s) and submission form?

A: Send your finished 3′ x 3′ blanket squares to:

Caron United – World’s Biggest Stocking Project
1481 West 2nd Street
Washington, NC 27889-4157

Canadian? Please send finished 3′ x 3′ squares to the below address:

Caron United – World’s Biggest Stocking Project
1700 Basset Ave.
Listowel, ON
N4W 0B1

Q: What’s the submission form?

A: The submission form name be found here. This form must be filled out and submitted with your blanket for the entry to be valid.

Q: Where can I share my square?

A: Share your square by using the hashtag #WorldsBiggestStocking

Q: What can I win?

A: We will be randomly selection one winner to receive a grand prize of $5000 USD in the form of a check.

Q: How will the winner be chosen?

A: A winner will be chosen by random draw.

Q:Does each blanket square count as a new entry?

A: Yes. For every blanket square you send in, a new entry will be added to the contest. The more blankets you send in, the more entries you get. You must note the number the number of blankets you are submitting on your submission form.

See full contest rules and regulations: here.

Find more information here: World’s Biggest Stocking Frequently Asked Questions 


  1. Feb 2015 I submitted 2 blankets from the Kniitters Guild of Denver. Can entries into the contest be submitted after the fact? I’m disappointed to say we didn’t even get acknowledgement that we contributed.

  2. I mailed my blanket for the Stocking yesterday and got info about the form today. Can I send in a form now? The blanket will arrive Friday sent to the NC address, it’s the flag star pattern from your site. Is there any way for yall to check that I sent one in?

  3. Barbara supperstein May 25, 2015 at 11:55 am

    Did you receive the four blankets I sent and are they going to be used for the stocking

    • Barbara supperstein May 25, 2015 at 11:57 am

      Did the four blankets I sent arrive and will they be used in the biggest Christmas stocking .

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