Popsicle Stick Woven Wristband

Popsicle Stick Woven Wristband

It’s Summertime, which means a whole lotta time to fill with activities that will keep the kids busy, and us parents sane. Even if we can’t get them to sit still long enough to learn to knit or crochet, that doesn’t mean we can’t put yarn in their hands, and have them create something cool! Wristbands are quick to make, and work for both boys and girls which makes them one of my favorite “Summer Camp” crafts. Over the years, I’ve created tutorials for finger knit, crocheted, macramed, sewn, and Japanese knotted versions. Today though, I thought I’d add to the wrist menagerie with a version that’s the perfect project to get kids interest in the latest of yarn trends: weaving. Weaving can be done on a loom of course, but using weaving sticks is also fun (not to mention, much more portable; can you say, “road trip” craft?) Best of all, we can make a pint sized version of them with the leftovers from our favorite frozen treats. So grab some goodies, and prep the kids because it’s time to get crafty. Enjoy! –xx, Vickie




1 ball Bernat Sheep(ish) Stripes by Vickie Howell, in color: Neon Green(ish)
A few yards of string or plain yarn
3, popsicle sticks
Large-eyed needle
Drill, awl or hammer & nail (Adult supervision required)

  • Prep sticks:
    Have adult drill or make holes about 1/4″/5 mm from bottom of popsicle stick. Repeat for other 2 sticks.


  • Cut 3, long strands (at least 24″/61 cm of plain string or yarn (aka “leader strings”.)
  • Using needle, thread yarn through holes in sticks so it’s doubled.


  • Tie yarn in a knot around first stick.
  • Hold all 3 sticks together in one hand.



  • Begin Weaving:
    Weave yarn over the 2nd stick, and under the 3rd.


  • Weave yarn over the 3rd stick, under the 2nd, and over the 1st. You’ll now be back to where you started.


  • Continue in that manner, weaving over all sticks one way, then back the other.


  • The more you weave, the tighter it will look.


  • Continue until sticks are almost fully covered in woven yarn
  • Tie knot on stick to end; cut yarn.


  • Push yarn woven yarn from sticks onto leader strings.


  • Cut piece free from sticks.
  • Use needle to weave in woven yarn ends.


  • Knot leader strings to secure weaving.
  • Tie leader strands from both ends of piece together to form wristband; trim to create fringe.



  • Wear it!



Psst! Looking for a great project like this one for adults? Try my Weaving Sticks Wall Hanging!


  1. Ummm, completely unable to get a hole without splitting the stick. Haven’t tried the drill because it’s splitting with a nail, gently tapping with a hammer. Any suggestions?

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