Patons Summer Standouts: Standout Cardigan Pt. 1

Project – Standout Cardigan
Pattern Book – #500886 Sumer Standouts
Yarn – Patons Silk Bamboo colorway #58425 Lotus

This past weekend has been glorious.  Bright blue skies and temperatures over 70.  Glorious.  With such a sure sign that summer is on the way, it is time to begin a summer sweater.

Luckily a pyramid of yarn has arrived to help me do just that.  The yarn is Patons  Silk Bamboo.  It is a 30/70 blend that looks drapey even when in is still in the ball.  I have chosen the colorway, Lotus and it is it a shade of lavender/pink that my monitor can not quite capture.




Summer Standouts is the book and Standout Cardigan is the pattern.  I plan to make a sweater with a v-neck and add the larger ruffle around the front opening.  There is only one little thing that may slow this project down, and that is the fact that I am not an experienced sweater knitter.  Sure I can whip out baby kimonos, and I have done a couple of baby pullovers, but real grown up sweaters, without a rustic, handmade look are a little daunting.  I plan to move forward slowly and carefully, fitting and measuring many times as the knitting progresses.  Tonight I will read through the pattern, highlight all the portions that pertain to my size and knit a big ‘ole gauge swatch.

How did your first big person sweater turn out?

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  1. used to knit as a small child (started at age 4). Knit many doll clothes, but then I stopped. Got married and wanted to knit my husband a sweater for Christmas. Took thick yarn and got going. When finished and held against a sweater he already had I found it was way to big, so I took it apart and started again. I had to knit that sweater 3 times to have it right and because my hubby does not like it hot, he did not wear it often, but it was the start of my still remaining knitting craze ( over 40 years now). Many large and small projects have followed since. I have always a few projects on the go so I have something I can work on depending on where I am or who is visiting. I know I will knit till my dying days :)

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