Guest Post: Crochet Snowy Owl Hat

Guest Post: Crochet Snowy Owl Hat

By Sarah Zimmerman

Hi, I am Sarah Zimmerman, the crochet designer behind the blog Repeat Crafter Me.  It is always such a pleasure to be able to guest post here at Yarnspirations!

Perfect for the winter season, this crochet Snowy Owl Hat will keep heads warm and looking oh-so-cute! A simple take on my original owl hat (found HERE) but with a couple fun additions. With the use of a wire pet brush, you can actually comb out the yarn to make it furry and fluffy! I used Caron Simply Soft which has a really soft and smooth texture that lends well to this design and easily brushes out.

Gender neutral and adorable for kids but fun for adults as well – everyone is going to want this hat! Whooo is ready to crochet one?!

Start with making the basic hat pattern made up of HDC stitches. Find Complete pattern HERE. I have included sizes for newborn to adults! You can go ahead and add the ears and braided tails before you make and sew on the eyes and nose. This would also be a good time to lightly brush over the basic hat to give it a little “fur.”

Notice the ear on the right has been brushed out. You will have yarn leftover in the bush. I like the fuzzy look for this hat. After you brush it, feel free to trim with scissors to create a more shapely look.
Sew on the eyes by taking your tapestry needle and weaving the long tail underneath the grey SC stitches. It helps to slightly overlap the two eyes when stitching them on. Then when you add the nose, sew it on so it slightly overlaps the bottom of the two eyes.

Take individual strands of white yarn and knot them around the HDC stitches inbetween the top of the eyes. When you have several all clumped together, you can begin to brush them out. Trim to your liking!
And that’s it! A simple snowy design! I have a feeling Harry Potter fans will like this one too :)  You can find the complete pattern and materials for the Snowy Owl Hat HERE. (add link to pattern).


Happy winter crocheting!
Sarah @ Repeat Crafter Me


  1. hi I follow your page and first let me say thank you for sharing your brilliant patterns…

    I have a quick query , In the Snowy Owl Crochet Hat Pattern you posted on it says

    First Earflap
    **1st row: Ch 1. 1 dc in each of
    next ….hdc ….
    I have done this but think it looks wrong putting dc’s in hdc’s and then going on to singles…

    Is it a misprint ??? Or is it me?


    • I agree with you that it seemed strange, so I just did a hdc there instead. Love the pattern otherwise, though! I crochet tight, so I went up one hook size… prob should’ve gone up to a J. Thanks for a great pattern and a great website!! :)

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