“Snowball” Painted Gift Wrap

“Snowball” Painted Gift Wrap

This week, I thought I’d pull out an idea from the archives: it’s an imaginative way to get the littles involved in present prep.

Keeping kiddos busy while us parental-types are trying to finish last-minute, holiday prep can be a challenge. Here’s an easy activity that’s fun for toddlers to tweens, and results in something usable: “Snowball” Painted Gift Wrap!

What you need:
Any weight, White yarn (we used Bernat Softee Chunky and Caron Simply Soft)
Craft paint
Plain wrapping paper
Masking tape

How to:

  • Make Snowball Pompoms

Paint with Snowballs

  • Lay out and tape down, plain wrapping paper.
  • Place a small amount of a couple of colors of paint on a plate or foil, give your kiddo the snowballs and let ’em have at it — dip, pounce and swoosh all over the paper!
  • Let dry.

Have fun!


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