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Eight years ago, in October of 2009, my relationship with Yarnspirations began. At that time, I was a blogger for Bernat yarn. I have thoroughly enjoyed every day of the journey until now! I’ve enjoyed getting to know the wonderful people who work in Canada at Spinrite headquarters, even though I’ve never seen them in person.  And I’ve met a lot of great people on the Yarnspirations Facebook page, as well. Over the years, I’ve learned so much about yarn, knitting, and crochet. I can’t believe it’s been eight years! I’m feeling nostalgic today, so I decided to share my very first blog post with you all. Do any of you remember this old chestnut? :)

A little bit about me….(October, 2009)

When Bernat asked me to be a blogger for them, I was so excited! I’ve always loved using Bernat yarns in my knitting projects. They are easy to find at my local craft stores, and fit perfectly in my budget.

A lot of my knitting has been for charity, and Bernat yarns are just right for that. I’ve used Bernat Softee Baby for making preemie blankets, Bernat Satin for regular baby blankets, and Bernat Super Value for large blankets and afghans. They have all turned out beautifully. I’ve also used several other Bernat yarns, and have been pleased with them as well. I even have some vintage Bernat yarns in my stash, and they are still in great shape. So, I guess you’d say I’m a Bernat fan! :)

Maybe I should tell you a little about myself, so you’ll know who this crazy girl in the Bernat blog really is. I’m a simple person – just your average yarn crafter. I started crafting when I was a young girl, learning to sew, and doing needlepoint and embroidery. When I became a teenager, my older sister started knitting, and I was amazed! I really wanted to learn how to knit, but I didn’t have the patience back then.

As I got older, I was still fascinated with knitting, and collected a few knitting magazines “just in case” I would learn how to do it. My life was busy with raising children and dealing with life, so I wasn’t able to pursue my crafts as much. Then, when my kids got older, and I had a little more time available, I decided to buckle down and figure out knitting once and for all. By this time, the internet was available, so I started searching for websites on how to knit. Success!

I grabbed a pair of knitting needles, some bright red worsted weight yarn, and planted myself in front of the computer. After a few hours, I learned how to cast on and do the knit stitch. It was slow and tedious, but it was making sense! I was so proud of my first stitches, and kept telling my friends, “Look! Look what I made!” 

Here’s a photo of the scarf I made with that bright red yarn, back in 2003:

It’s been six years since that first day of learning to knit, and now my life is CONSUMED with knitting. I’ve turned one of my bedrooms into a craft room, and it’s filled to the brim with yarn and knitting projects. I never seem to have enough yarn though, and just love browsing the craft stores for yarn deals. I’ve also spent hours on the internet, looking at yarn and knitting patterns, talking about knitting with my friends, and just loving every minute of it. I’m so glad I learned how to knit!

 – Shandeh
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So, that’s it….my trip down memory lane. Now, it’s been 14 years since I made that red scarf. I’m still loving the craft, and I’ve learned to crochet as well. Do you remember when you first learned to knit or crochet? Share your story in the comments.

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