Patons Stitch Style: Weekend Wear

Patons Stitch Style: Weekend Sweaterdress-ing

Looks for Weekend Fun

One of our favorite pieces right now is the Honeycomb Aran Dress – sweaterdresses are great because they’re versatile, and make choosing an outfit a cinch! Get the pattern here.


Window Shopping
One of the easiest (and most comfortable) ways to wear a sweaterdress, is to throw it on over a pair of leggings. Leather-like leggings and sneakers make this out super casual and cozy when you’re on the go!



For days that you want to be casual and cool, like brunch with friends, a sweaterdress is a great choice. Paired with chunky heeled boots, and topped off with a light jacket, this is a multi-seasonal look.


Sunday Matinee

You can easily dress it up with tights, a statement necklace, and a collared shirt for Sunday matinees, or dinners out! This look is also great for the office.


  1. The orange dress looks fab is it hard to make&show mused dose it cost please make more similar like it.

  2. Great idea to show fasionable outfit combinations for the finished garments!

  3. Fantastic. I love this sweater dress so much and it’s easily adaptable to make into a shorter sweater and even one for men. Looking forward to giving this pattern a try.

  4. It reminds me of one I knitted in the 1970’s

  5. No petites for sweater dress?

  6. I would like to change the yarn to Vickie Howell’s Sheep-ish yarn. Could you tell me how many skeins I would need for a size medium for the Honeycomb Aran Sweaterdress? Thank You!!! Linda

  7. Never mind, sorry. The directions were right there. I guess I was so fascinated with the cables that I missed it. I love how you do each size in a different color, it’s so much easier to follow.

  8. cheryl frankfurth February 27, 2016 at 12:16 pm

    Before buying the yarn and getting the pattern, I’d sure like to see it on a real person…sometimes patterns look great only to not look so great on…


  9. Can you send me directions please

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