Patons Stitch Style: Patons Lacy Top

Patons Stitch Style: Patons Lacy Top

When you knit this Lacy Top in Patons Silk Bamboo, you’re going to a piece to wear all throughout spring and summer! The breezy lace stitch and blend of silk and bamboo will help keep you cool, whether layered over long sleeves or a light tank. Be it the cooler days of March and April or the height of heat in July and August, stay prepared and treat your wardrobe to this versatile tee. Get the free pattern here. 

March Madness

We all know how unpredictable weather is. How can you possibly dress for rain, hail and sunshine all in one day? Be prepared for the unexpected temperatures of Spring by layering our vest with a button-down and blazer (and maybe an umbrella). Take that Mother Nature!



May Days

This is a great outfit when you’re out in the noon heat, but then need to stay warm when the sun sets and you aren’t quite finished your glass of wine on the patio. As the temperature starts to climb, lose the jacket and lighten up with breathable cotton.


Midsummer Dream

No heatstroke here! This straw shopper and tasseled sandals kick off a summery outfit that is perfect for hitting the park or the beach to catch some rays with the family.



  1. This is like a jackpot post for me. Thanks for the pattern. This style really looks good in offices. Can you tell me where i can buy that crochet bag? It looks so summery..Thanks again for the pattern. I will be subscribing to you for more posts like this..

  2. Same comment as Susan’s . . larger needle size is not stated in the directions. I’d like to start knitting the top but without the needle size my project is on hold.

  3. I looked at the pattern for the lacy knit top shows one needle size 3.5mm but in the pattern it states large and smaller size needles

  4. I can’t find how to buy the Patons Lacy Top pattern.

  5. Love the top. Please tell me where to find those awesome flat sandals with the tassels.

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