Patons Classic Wool Bulky Giveaway!

If you’ve never tried your hand at knitting a sweater, this free Cowichan Style Raglan Cardigan pattern is a great place to start. Knit in new Patons Classic Wool Bulky (on sale now!), this cardigan works up quicker than you’d think and is a rewarding knit that you’ll love to wear.



Want to WIN all the yarn you need to make this cardigan? Just comment on this post and tell us your favourite shade of new Classic Wool Bulky to enter!

*No purchase necessary. Open to legal residents of the U.S. and Canada (excluding Quebec) who have reached the age of majority in their state, province or territory of residence. Ends November 10th, 10am ET.



  1. Aster Purple is absolutely beautiful!!!! Red and Purple are my favorite colors for sure. My livingroom is red and my bedroom is purple. I have a lot of red clothes to wear but no many purple stuff. It is hard to find purple things that are blue purple. I’m not too keen on the red purples. I would love to make this sweater with reds and purples!

  2. Emerald is lovely.

  3. Heath Heather!

  4. I love the Emerald! it’s gorgeous!
    I love love love this sweater!

  5. Do I have to pick? Burnt orange, geyser blue and mallard teal are all really lovely!

  6. Mallard Teal! gorgeous

  7. Love the Mallard Teal! One of my go to shades.

  8. Maybe I’m boring, but I really love the heather gray.

  9. I like Medium Grey Heather. I’d love to make one of these sweaters! It reminds me of the popular hand-knit sweaters from the 60s and 70s.

  10. I’m inspired. I need a wintertime project and this sweater is PERFECT. Pick me. Pick me!

  11. I love the Mallard Teal. I love the blues and greys as well. Some wonderful colors to choose from.

  12. I have to fight ALWAYS picking black which I DO love but if I have to choose a color I would pick the green.

  13. Dark Grey Heather is the standout for me! Love it!

  14. The Geyser Blue is such a wonderful color…and so much a favorite of mine.

  15. Vermillion Red.

  16. Geyser Blue, I’m ready to make another sweater.

  17. My favourite colour of classic wool bulky is Mallard Teal

  18. Mocha is great!

  19. I love love love the Aster Purple! Oh, and the denim, and the heather and the geyser blue and the natural and the…

  20. My favorites are geyser blue and spring green. The cardigan pattern is beautiful.

  21. Royal Blue

  22. Love the Emerald!

  23. gold… deep blush … new denim…. …geyser blue
    i like them all..

  24. I love the dark grey heather shade as I think it would look great knit up for work or for more casual times.

  25. Aster Purple for sure! It’s always the purple :)

  26. Mallard Teal is my favorite.

  27. Geyser Blue

  28. LOVE the Spring Green! Love the sweater too. Looks totally warm!

  29. Emerald….ahhhh yes! My favorite!

  30. I like the gold.

  31. Deep blush is soooo beautiful !!!

  32. I love the natural mix!

  33. I like the Geyser Blue. It is such a pretty shade of blue-green!

  34. Burnt Orange is my favorite!

  35. I like the Geyser Blue color.

  36. Love that royal blue. Oh, wait, maybe the mallard teal. Or…oh, darn, all the blues are beautiful.

  37. I can’t wait to make this cardigan and I LOVE Geyser Blue yarn!

  38. All are lovely colors but gotta say love dark gray heather and mocha.

  39. definitely spring gteen is my favourite

  40. difficult decision, but I’ll go with Green

  41. I love the Burnt Orange.

  42. I wear a lot of red so of course the Bright Red. The Dark and Medium Grey heathers would also compliment almost everything in my closet.

  43. Spring Green looks wonderful!

  44. The teal blue is my favourite. The colour teal mixed with a dark brown makes me happy almost as much as a hot cup of coffee .

  45. Geyser blue is the favourite.

  46. amelia rodriguez November 2, 2014 at 12:16 pm

    natural mix

  47. I love so many colors! Blues like the royal blue, denim, emerald green, Blush, gold, burnt orange, blush, you name it I love it! All of the colors make everything beautiful!

  48. Emerald green is my favorite shade .

  49. I like the mocha. It reminds me of the warm fuzzy feeling from a good cup of coffee or a chocolate bar.

  50. I love the New Denim color.

  51. Light Gray Heather-it would go with almost anything in my wardrobe.

  52. Deep blush or mallard teal

  53. I love the Geyser Blue

  54. Got to be Aster Purple. So pretty!

  55. Aster Purple

  56. Spring Green. Like wearing and knitting bright colors during the ‘grey sky’ months of Twin Tiers winter.

  57. Love all the colors! especially Gold and Mallard Teal <3

  58. I love this yarn, and while it’s really hard to pick a favorite, I’ll have to go with Royal Blue!

  59. Mallard Teal and Aster Purple

  60. Geyser Blue……..or any rich blue is my favorite! :)

  61. geyser blue

  62. kerry zolliecoffer October 31, 2014 at 9:18 pm

    Astor purple <3

  63. Medium Grey Heather & Geyser Blue.

  64. I really like the Geyser Blue colour. I live close to the ocean and this reminds me of the sea on a sunny day.

  65. Love the Geyser Blue

  66. Deep Blush is my pick.

  67. My eye is instantly drawn to the Royal Blue, but my wardrobe is full of similar colors. As I try to break out of my mold, I have to say Vermillion Red is my favorite!

  68. I love the Emerald Green and the Geyser Blue. I can’t pick between the two!!

  69. I actually don’t have a favorite color, I Love them all. If I had to pick, I’d say Purple’s & Green’s & Blue’s, but really My work is my art so I use them all. I have a very large family, I’m a greatgrandmother many times over & still going strong. So I’m constantly making something new for someone, Especially for the babies. It would be a great pleasure to win any yarn, as there’s always a project for it. God Bless.

  70. I love both green and gold!!

  71. Choosing one is hard! I like the Mallard Teal, Geyser Blue and Aster Purple…

  72. Royal Blue is my favorite

  73. Geyser Blue is awesome!

  74. Kathy Vaillancourt October 31, 2014 at 10:24 am

    I love Patons Classic Wool. I have knit at least 50 pairs of felted slippers. My family loves these slippers. They beg for them.
    My favorite color is Dark grey mix and Harvest………

  75. Gray Heather is my favorite

  76. I LOVE the Emerald colorway! This looks amazing.

  77. Emerald green!

  78. Love this pattern! My favorite shades are Mallard Real and Geyser Blue.

  79. Green, although I’d love to make something that would use every colorway from this line.

  80. FRANCES KAY HARRELLE October 31, 2014 at 2:45 am


  81. Burnt Orange – great fall colour

  82. Vermillion for the main color, with gold and white and black for accents

  83. My favorite is the Deep Blush. With 3 granddaughters, pink is the popular choice!

  84. Deep Blush.

  85. My favourite colour is Emerald. I would love to knit a cardigan with this yarn.

  86. Aster purple is my favorite.

  87. Geyser Blue is my favorite, then the vermillion red,

  88. Love the burnt orange, also!

  89. I really love the burnt orange, also!

  90. Mallard Teal looks yummy

  91. Dark Grey Heather, Yummy !

  92. I can’t choose, but if I have to emerald!

  93. Darlene Krystal October 30, 2014 at 9:15 pm

    Love the geyser blue and emerald green…they work up awesome with gray in my ripple afghan……

  94. Love the Burnt Orange!

  95. I love the New Denim colour. I am really into cool blues and kelly greens with knitting lately.

  96. The bright colors of Emerald and Royal Blue are my favorites, so often it’s hard to find brighter colors in bulky yarns as they tend to be done in winter colors!

  97. New denim is my favorite.

  98. It’s so hard to pick just one color. I like the natural mix and geyser blue the most.

  99. Cassandra M Bush October 30, 2014 at 6:02 pm

    Heather Grey

  100. My favorite shade is Navy!

  101. Jennifer Rutledge October 30, 2014 at 5:14 pm

    Summer Green or Mallard Teal. Both are lovely

  102. The Geyser Blue is such a lovely, cool, gentle color–my favorite hands down.

  103. This sweater will be wonderfully warm this winter !

  104. Suzanne Morchin October 30, 2014 at 4:34 pm

    Deep Blush would be my favorite.

  105. I love the emerald

  106. I like the royal blue the best.

  107. Geyser blue was the color that caught my eye but it’s closely followed by the deep blush and new denim.

  108. Melodie Gingras October 30, 2014 at 3:43 pm

    Blueberry or blue denim catches my eye both are so beautiful!

  109. Royal Blue!

  110. Bright Red will always be my favorite color. New Denim & Deep Blush tie fir a close second (in fact, they’d look great together).

  111. Royal blue, emerald and Aran would be lovely together!

  112. I love the Green. Olive greens are my favorite!

  113. My favorite is the deep blush

  114. I love the geyser blue!!

  115. New Denim is the one for me. Love the shade.

  116. I would love the yarn for this project my favorite color would be a cottage blue or as shown is beautiful.

  117. My favorite shade is the bright red!

  118. My favorite shade is New Denim.

  119. Beautiful sweater, and it looks warm as well.

  120. New Denim my favorite!

  121. I love the Gold and Mallard Teal, beautiful colours all around!!

  122. Denim goes with everything! I love the New Denim shade.

  123. I love the geyser blue.

  124. My favorite is Vermillion Red because it is such a rich red.

  125. 30 years ago I undertook my first knitting project. It was a wool sweater very similar to this beautiful example. It was a surprise so I actually measured the hunky-hubby in his sleep — needless to say it didn’t quite fit– luckily it was too large so I just ripped it apart and redid it — had enough yarn leftover to make a pullover for the toddler! Would love to win this yarn to try my hand again at a lovely sweater!

  126. I love the gold and new denim.

  127. Loving the Vermillion Red!

  128. The grey heathers are classic, and the mocha has a sense of comfort, but I love the vermillion red, it’s so rich and warm.

  129. Vermillion Red is Awesome!

  130. I LOVE the denim color. I guess that once a hippie always a hippie!!!!!

  131. Vermillion red speaks to me with its warm dark color.

  132. I love greens and pinks with yellows and purples! My favorite colors combos are right there!

  133. I love the deep blush an emerald colors!

  134. Courtney Lancaster October 30, 2014 at 11:32 am

    I love yellow with the gray.

  135. Aran is always so classic. It goes with everything and has such a timeless look.

  136. Taramichele Cammer October 30, 2014 at 11:21 am

    This sweater is fabulous, I am making it whether I win or not!! How could I pick a favorite, they’re all beautiful. I have narrowed it down to 4, lol: Medium gray heather, Natural Mix, Burnt Orange, and Green. I cannot wait to make this!!!

  137. Vermillion spells autumn to me and would make a nice cheerful warm color for my Michigan winter time, and the chill is in the air today with snow coming in to the Upper Penninsula tonight.

  138. Natural Grey Mix. Although, there are so many beautiful colours, I love them all.

  139. Brenda Heidinger October 30, 2014 at 10:40 am

    Mallard teal

  140. geyser blue would be my choice if only 1 color was to be selected, but there are some other beautiful colorways too!

  141. Mallard Teal catches my eye❤

  142. Mallard Blue definitely a favorite.

  143. Sheep colors appeal to me, esp the grey heathers. The natural mix is also wonderful, a gender neutral tone.

  144. Love the teal color – and mustard yellow :)

  145. BURNT ORANGE all the way!!!

  146. I love the new enim and deep blush colours. Thanks for the opportunity to enter this giveaway. I would love it if I won I haven’t managed to knit a sweater in over 30 years lol

  147. Gold <3
    But the bright red, vermillion red and burnt orange are right up there too!

  148. I love New Denim and Natural Mix shades

  149. Melissa Norrbom October 30, 2014 at 9:23 am

    New denim

  150. Forced to pick one, I would have to go with the Emerald Green.

  151. I love heather grey and emerald.

  152. Patons Classic wool Bulky: For me the Emerald is my favourite colour.
    I absolutely love the jumper in the give away fab colours together.

  153. Geyser Blue!! It would be lovely in this sweater.

  154. New denim

  155. Love the geyser blue

  156. I really like the Geyser Blue!

  157. Like the green, that’s always been my favorite color.

  158. The new denim is such a peaceful shade, and transcendental for combinations of shades! I love it!

  159. I love the burnt orange

  160. I love the Royal Blue

  161. Bonnie boisvert October 30, 2014 at 8:08 am

    Geyser blue…color also in glaciers in AK…love it!

  162. Love the New Denim and Deep Blush shades.

  163. I love all the colors! If I had to pick one it would be the spring green.

  164. all shades of blue

  165. I like the Medium Grey Heather and New Denim

  166. The geyser blue is absolutely stunning!

  167. They’re all so lovely that it’s hard to pick a favorite, but emerald green really jumps out at me.

  168. I love Burgundy — so rich and warm looking. Would love to win this wool and make that fantastic sweater. I live just across the water from the Cowichan area on Vancouver Island in BC, Canada. These style of sweaters are very popular on the West Coast. Have a wonderful day and blessings on you all.

  169. A beautiful sweater. Absolutely love it
    My favorite colors is navy blue.

  170. All the colors are beautiful, but I love the Vermillion Red!
    Fall is my time, so this color fits the bill for me!

  171. My favorite shade is gold

  172. Looks so cozy and I love the denim color!

  173. Love the new denim and deep blush. Would love to win this giveaway I haven’t tried knitting a sweater in over 30 years … Thanks for the opportunity to enter

  174. I like Vermillion Red

  175. I like the Heath Heather

  176. I love the Spring Green, though I think all the colors are pretty!

  177. Marcella Edwards October 30, 2014 at 2:15 am

    New Denim

  178. So many lovely colors, but, I am a blues person, so
    New Denim is my choice.


  180. Bright red!!

  181. So many lovely colors to chose from but the new denim is probably my favorite.

  182. The spring green sure is purdy!

  183. Geyser Blue :)

  184. Royal Blue. Emerald is a close second.

  185. I love the Aran!

  186. New denim

  187. Burned orange and mocha are my favorite. Love the bulky sweater, so cozy.

  188. I love teal and royal blue

  189. I love Burnt Orange color , because it’s like Fall color!

  190. Deep blush would be my pick!

  191. Just 1 color? Oh, that’s too hard! I love all the blues, especially Geyser Blue. They’re all blue-tiful! :)

  192. I just love the grays and New Denim.

  193. I like the Mallard and Emerald!

  194. Hello. My favorite color is New Denim. It’s not too bright and fits in my wardrobe perfectly.

  195. I like the Aster purple!

  196. Emerald but love them all, big decision!

  197. Definitely Royal Blue, but I love all shades of blue!

  198. I love the Spring Green and the Burnt Orange. My daughter would love this sweater!

  199. my favorite is aster purple.

  200. I love the warm browns and burnt orange

  201. Dark Heather Grey

  202. Emerald is awesome!

  203. I love this sweater. Wool is warm and repels water/dampness–perfect for my northern Ontario climate. It is beautiful and would look great in navy which matches everything. I am in a library knitting group and getting help from the other ladies. Knitting is so much fun.

  204. This sweater looks very interesting to do. I like the bright red which would be great for the holidays and brighten the drab winter days.

  205. I love the Mallard Teal! The color is so vibrant. gorgeous.

  206. Mallard Teal is my favorite

  207. Aster Purple is my number 1 choice!!!

  208. Geyser Blue — love this green/blue/gray mix! Lots of other subtle and classic colors; it must have been fun to choose the colors for this sweater!

  209. I like the Aster Purple shade.

  210. New Denim

  211. Gold is the most viberant colour, I just love it.

  212. Love the New Denim!

  213. Dark grey heather & burgundy

  214. That rich green jumps out to me. Pair with aran for a classic cardigan.

  215. I looooove the retro feel of this pattern but I love the thick, rich feel of Paton’s Classic Wool Bulky even more! Super thick and cozy and works up quickly in knit or crochet. I’m the kind of girl that doesn’t have a favorite color – I like them all! But, if I have to choose – Geyser Blue is simply gorgeous!

  216. The burgundy is my favorite!

  217. geyser blue!!!!!!!!!!! for an angelic moment!!!!!!!

  218. I love the New Denim

  219. Oh, the mallard teal, but it’s tough. So many rich colours!

  220. My favorite color is New denim. Love the cardigan!

  221. I love Emerald!

  222. Geyser blue

  223. the geyser green would look fantastic on my redhead friend

  224. Mallard teal, which is, of course, out of stock…

  225. I love something rich and jewel toned looking – royal blue, dark purples, ruby reds, etc.

  226. I really like the blues and greens especially geyser. Too bad there is no purple.

  227. I really like the new denim but all of them are nice.

  228. My favourite colour is Royal Blue. Thanks!

  229. I can’t narrow it down between geyser blue, new denium , royal blue and navy (can you guess my favorite colour? )

  230. I like the Burnt Orange and the Deep Blush — great colors for cool skin tones.

  231. New Denim, but the more classical color of ARAN would also be nice. I enjoy working with the bulky yarns because they knit up so quickly.

  232. I love geyser blue and mallard teal, beautiful colors!

  233. I love the gold.

  234. The GREEN is sooo warm and cozy.

  235. I really like New Denim.

  236. I love geyser blue and mallard teal, beautiful colors!

  237. Disqualify me now because I can not pick a favorite color. I seriously love them all!

  238. You can’t miss with classic Navy!

  239. Love the burnt orange!

  240. I love the Mallard Teal!

  241. virginia daniel October 29, 2014 at 9:14 pm

    Geyser blue

  242. The Teal in this sweater has really caught my eye. I would love to work on a project for me for once. Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  243. I really like the natural mix but so many beautiful colors to choose from

  244. New denim blue….my style and goes with everything I have! Also fast wool to knit!

  245. I love the dark grey heather. Grey is the new black in trending colours. I’ve been a grey fan for years and glad it is now BIG!

  246. It has to be the Burnt Orange..Bahhhcha cha cha

  247. I’m having trouble deciding between the Royal Blue and the Spring Green. If I had to choose, I guess I would go with the Royal Blue. Argh! I like many of the colors.

  248. Love the DEEP BLUSH color!

  249. Geyser Blue is very pretty (but I like the new denim, too!). It’s tough to just pick one!

  250. Emerald Green of course!!

  251. Emerald Green of course!!!

  252. burnt orange! love orange – my power color!

  253. The Orange and Mocha reminds me of the beautiful falls up north

  254. Emerald would be spectacular with my red hair. I love it!

  255. I have been knitting for 75 years and have never knitted a bulky sweater. Denium would be a great main color!

  256. Gyser blue is my favorite

  257. Vermillion

  258. Really love the rich color of the emerald. All the colors are beautiful.

  259. Ooh, they’re all nice. I really like the red, the denim and the emerald.

  260. I love the medium gray heather.

  261. I love the new denim or the purple

  262. Phyllis Gaumond October 29, 2014 at 8:20 pm

    Bright Red

  263. This cardigan is. Lovely. I have been eying it for some time now and will most likely make it.

  264. Medium Grey Heather

  265. I like ALL the colors.

  266. Beautiful sweater.
    I love the Geyser blue <3

  267. New Denim would remind me of blue skies when the weather is chilly.

  268. Vermillion Red

  269. Gold or Royal Blue

  270. I love the deep blush! It is a gorgeous pink.

  271. I love the Natural Mix…glad to see you included that colorway in this new line.

  272. I love the ASTER PURPLE! Purple is my favorite color! :)

  273. Aster Purple

  274. Geyser Blue

  275. The Natural Mix colorway is wonderfully complex. I love it!

  276. I love the Spring and Burnt Orange.

  277. Geyser blue is beautiful

  278. I love the Vermillion Red! The color is so rich and makes me think of autumn camping trips in the Appalachian Mountains.

  279. I like the medium heather gray.

  280. I like the glacier blue and the natural mix.

  281. I’m not normally a fan of the ‘natural’ wool hues, but the ‘Natural Mix’ looks lovely enough that I’d give it a whirl – especially for a fall/winter sweater. Maybe even a bit of the Aran worked in – that would be smart-looking!

  282. I love the Med. Gray Heather. It just looks warm and cozy.

  283. I would love to make this sweater in gray with red hint of black it would be very stylish and go great with black, gray or red pants around the holiday season and those cozy evening holiday parties with friends and family.

  284. My favorite color is the Royal Blue. SO beautiful!

  285. i like any thing made in blue

  286. I love this sweater!! It is sooo pretty! My favorite shade is Deep Blush! :) :D

  287. I like Spring Green. Would love to knit or crochet something with this yarn!

  288. Emerald is my favorite color!

  289. Mallard teal is my favorite, along with a lot of others’, because it is sold out already:(

  290. love the Geyser Blue!

  291. Heather Grey is gorgeous!

  292. I love Aster Purple.

  293. The pattern does not look difficult. Like the color combination.

  294. Emerald green is beautiful!

  295. I love the emerald green colour! :)

  296. Sylvia Salisbury October 29, 2014 at 6:35 pm

    geyser is beautiful and so is spring green

  297. Natural mix is pretty

  298. What a pretty cardigan! I like the heathery look of the New Denim color. I do wish that the out of stock colors were displayed in the thumbnails, though.

  299. love the burnt orange!

  300. I love the mocha shade — looks like yummy chocolate!

  301. Dark Grey Heather


  303. I love them all!!! Burnt Orange and Mocha caught my eyes!!

  304. Burnt orange all the way.

  305. This sweater would be beautiful in medium grey heather, new denim, vermillion red, natural mix and black — stylish and warm, and easy to knit in Patons Classic Wool Bulky.

  306. New denim

  307. Bright red is my favorite.

  308. I’m a blue person so I would pick Geyser Blue to start with and go on to the other blues.

  309. new denim

  310. Spring Green

  311. I love the burnt orange.

  312. I love the GREEN!

  313. Beautiful sweater. I lov the burnt orange yarn.

  314. The bright red! Wow!

  315. Debora Shoemaker October 29, 2014 at 5:52 pm

    I like the emerald.

  316. New denim is beautiful..but so are all the others :)

  317. They are all beautiful but the Medium Gray Heather, Burgundy and Mallard Teal are jumping out at me.

  318. Emerald is my favorite color

  319. I’m really liking Emerald!

  320. Love the teal and asterd purple!
    Have never made a sweater but if I won the yarn I would definitely tackle it!

  321. I love the naturals and browns . It would make a beauitful sweater

  322. LOVE the Emerald!

  323. Geyser Blue is so awesome

  324. Geyser Blue. It looks like the Caribbean. Calming and cool.

  325. from the colors that were still there i liked the emerald green. so many of the colors were already sold out. so i hope that i win so i can try out this new yarn

  326. Loving the bright red. Reminiscent to me of books, indulgences, and a free spirit. So many books and movies feature the red wool coat as an end to repression. It not only is a memorable classy that will never go out of style, but is beautiful.

  327. I love this sweater!! Sooo pretty! My favorite yarn color was the Deep Blush! :) :D

  328. right now I’d have to pick Geyser Blue as my favorite, but ask me later and I might change my mind, there are so many beautiful shades!

  329. Royal Blue

  330. I love the mallard teal, it’s a super pretty color! :)

  331. I love the medium grey heather.

  332. Mallard teal

  333. I love the greys and natural colors

  334. Like the emerald.

  335. I love the colours on the sweater that the model is wearing.

  336. I really like the Royal Blue it`s lovely

  337. Mocha and burnt orange are beautiful.

  338. Brenda Rzucidlo October 29, 2014 at 5:11 pm

    vermillion red

  339. I like the denim and probably the aster purple, but the color is not shown.

  340. Royal blue & aster purple

  341. Love the vermillion red.

  342. Shannon Markuschewsky October 29, 2014 at 5:03 pm

    They are all wonderful! If I had to pick just one it would be mallard teal!

  343. Love the vermillion red

  344. New Denim

  345. I really love the green and the mocha too

  346. Do I have to pick just one??? Well your shades of blues, greens, browns are just amazing. One hey? I guess I will have to say the Natural Mix. Yep the natural mix.

  347. I really like the new denim colors and I also like any of the blacks and greys.

  348. Oooooh. …burnt orange..

  349. I really love the Deep Blush. That shade of pink is just fabulous!

  350. Love the Burnt Orange and Spring Green. Can’t wait!

  351. It’s hard to pick one, but I would have to say spring green is my favorite!

  352. It is a hard decision between denim and emerald.

  353. Love New Denim.

  354. I like New Denim

  355. I really like Emerald.

  356. Emerald Green – absolutely!!

  357. Crystal Arcand (3Stairs) October 29, 2014 at 4:48 pm

    My favorite is the green.

  358. I really like the Vermillion Red. Never was a “red person” but as I have gotten older, I am drawn to it for some reason. Wish I knew why.

  359. Love that sweater!! Aran

  360. Vermillion Red looks crazy cool

  361. I really like the denim

  362. My fave shade is Geyser Blue. It reminds me of the blue teddy bears they used to make when I was a baby.

  363. Emerald green is a favourite of mine, being my birthstone has some perks.

  364. I like the Geyser Blue :)

  365. I like the bright red and emerald.

  366. Medium gray heather

  367. medium grey heather

  368. Love the colors!

  369. I just love the Alpaca Line especially Aqua, Plum, Cherry & Peony!!!

  370. My favorite color is gold.

  371. Bethany Stevenson October 29, 2014 at 4:30 pm

    My favorite shade of Patons Classic Wool Bulky is Mallard Teal! =)

  372. I like the bright blue color best.

  373. Green!! :-D

  374. The NEW DENIM is the nicest blue I’ve seen in quite awhile.

  375. The royal blue makes my blue eyes POP! Definitely my favorite color!

  376. Burnt Orange

  377. So cozy! I love the emerald green.

  378. I love the geyser blue and I think it would look great with the natural mix

  379. Oh, it would lovely to knit the Vermillion Red, Natural Mix and the New Denim as combination colours. When I wear this type of sweater, I am reminded of my younger days and I smile more!

  380. Aran – great base yarn for all the other colors.

  381. Heath Heather and Geyser Blue! I cant decide!

  382. Deep blush is very pretty

  383. Royal Blue!

  384. I like both Natural Mix and Geyser Blue, in that order.

  385. Definitely the Astra Purple!

  386. At 86 years of age, bulky knit would be fast, and my choice of color would be lavender, if sold out, denim blue would be my next choice.

  387. beverly pettengill October 29, 2014 at 4:04 pm

    denim blue

  388. Love the Bright Red and Deep Blush

  389. Rebecca Willoughby October 29, 2014 at 4:00 pm

    Can’t I pick three? Geyser blue, mocha, and vermilion? Please? Ok, I have to pick….. Hmmmm… Geyser blue!

  390. Favorite colors are Emerald and Geyser Blue.

  391. Can’t decide between the Emerald and New Denim. Both colors are striking.

  392. Emerald!
    Thanks for the yarn give away.

  393. Love the gold, and the geyser blue.

  394. aww, If I have to pick just one it would be the Mallard Teal, and the Heather Gray and the Royal Blue… :)

  395. I love the dark grey! I’m currently finishing a sweater using it right now!

  396. I love the Mocha colorway!!

  397. I like the mallard teal yarn.

  398. Mallard teal, royal blue, vermillion red ….. so many beautiful colours and patterns. Not enough time!

  399. Michelle Nelson October 29, 2014 at 3:49 pm

    I really think the Geyser Blue is pretty. :)

  400. vermillion red

  401. Denim blue is lovely.

  402. Burnt Orange :)

  403. I’m loving the new denim :)

  404. I like the Medium Grey Heather best.

  405. for me, it was a toss up between the deep blush and the aster purple- and the aster purple finally won out. what a lovely color

  406. vimillion red it seems to be so autumn!

  407. Burnt Orange, for sure.

  408. Vermillion Red – looks like the trees in my backyard!

  409. My wonderful son in law wants the classics in a Cowachin sweater – Aran, Natural Mix, Med grey Heather. I told him – after Christmas (while I finish all my other projects)

  410. Geyser blue!!!

  411. Mmmm. MOCHA looks absolutely yummy!

  412. Marcia Giordano October 29, 2014 at 3:36 pm

    I’m loving burnt orange

  413. Many of these colors are very attractive and wool should provide a good choice for a cosy cardigan or sweater. As to my favorite color, gold is out of stock so, I would choose bright red.

  414. Jackie Fitzgerald October 29, 2014 at 3:31 pm

    I love deep blush and mallard teal!

  415. My favorite shade is Emerald.

  416. Aster Purple is so pretty.

  417. Royal blue – won the coin toss

  418. I love the dark heather grey

  419. I feel very boring but mine’s actually Aran of those colors or Deep Blush if it’s sort of a hot pink rather than red, hard to tell on my monitor.

  420. New Denim or Natural Mix, depending on the project. :)

  421. The aqua shade – not sure of the name!

  422. I would love to see this sweater in deep blush. Deep blush is definitely my color.

  423. New Denim is definitely my favorite!

  424. New Denim is nice!

  425. Love the gold and burnt orange.

  426. Joan Dall'Acqua October 29, 2014 at 3:12 pm

    I love the Geyser Blue and the Spring Green… They would be dreamy together!

  427. Roberta Tuffill October 29, 2014 at 3:11 pm

    I love the gold

  428. I like the greys and blues.

  429. I think Gold is my favorite!!

  430. Would love to crochet with the Spring green yarn. Nice colour for making a spring project.

  431. Vermillion Red

  432. I love the Mallard Teal

  433. The royal blue and vermillion red are absolutely gorgeous!!

  434. Aster Purple

  435. I’ve never knitted a cardigan sweater and I love the colors in this one. I live in a very small (65 people) Alaska village and have no place to purchase yarn except on line. We have no PO; someone from a larger village come once (or less) a week, so we can get our packages. This looks like it would take me awhile, which would occupy me longer than something smaller.

  436. Dark grey heather for me!

  437. Dark grey heather!

  438. My favorite shade is Deep Blush.

  439. Dark Grey Heather & Denim

  440. I LOVE the red

  441. Love the New Denim.

  442. I love thenatural wool mix.

  443. Aster purple. This looks like a run project

  444. Burnt orange my favorite

  445. I love the deep blush

  446. I’m a big fan of New Denim, but I also really like the Dark Grey Heather. Pretty much anything heathered is my favorite. :)

  447. I love the royal blue and heather grey

  448. The color I favor is Heather Blue

  449. Geyser Blue! sooo Pretty! Thank you for this great giveaway! Crossing my fingers that I win it! :)

  450. Cranberry – absolutely! A cardigan to live in.

  451. I’m torn between Gyser Blue & Spring green as my favorites.

  452. Andrea Sandford October 29, 2014 at 2:56 pm

    Geyser blue!

  453. I love the colour that it is shown in

  454. Sandra Augustiro October 29, 2014 at 2:54 pm

    I love all the color combinations involved in this sweater. It is beautiful.

  455. Burgundy. However, since it’s sold out: Deep Blush

  456. What a beautiful cardigan! Just the thing I could knit for my sister to wear at the cottage. She would love it!

  457. Bright Red is my favorite – would love to make a cozy scarf with it.

  458. I love the Bright Red and Royal Blue because they are the colors of my country….USA! Even if they weren’t I like the brightness…

  459. blues and grays

  460. My favorite color would be grey (with vermillion added).

  461. I really like this pattern. I am just learning how to do strand knitting.

  462. A beautiful sweater!!! I would love to make mine in blues. Blues are a staple in my wardrobe and this sweater would be a fabulous addition. I love your yarn and anything I make with it lasts for years. This a timeless sweater. Thank you for considering my entry.

  463. Heather with any color

  464. Blue denim – I am a blue person.

  465. I love all shades of Blue, but if I had to pick one it would be Royal Blue. The cardigan as shown is a beautiful combination of colors!

  466. I would definitely have to say Pacific Blue is my favorite!

  467. Mallard Teal

  468. Any of the blues are my favorites, but probably the royal blue is my most favorite.

  469. Love the MOCHA and the Emerald

  470. Love the Mocha & Burnt Orange

  471. Loving the mocha with the natural mix!

  472. Love the geyser blue!

  473. I love burnt orange

  474. I like the aster purple, like Geyser Blue too.

  475. Sharon Schoenberg October 29, 2014 at 2:33 pm

    I love royal blue.

  476. Maria in Tucson October 29, 2014 at 2:32 pm

    I like Geyser Blue and Aster Purple – I would use them together! (when they are back in stock, lol!)

  477. LOVE the New Denim color

  478. Geyser Blue is my favorite

  479. I love reds and cranberry colors!

  480. Emerald! I love it!

  481. Mallard Teal is my new favorite color!

  482. I would love either emerald or spring green. Green is my favorite color.. I have received many project ideas from Yarnspirations. Arm knitting is challenging at first, but a lot of fun.

  483. geyser blue! :-)

  484. I absolutely LOVE the burnt orange!

  485. I love the Mocha

  486. I love the Geyser Blue or bright color! Love Patons Classic :)

  487. Geyser blue!

  488. i dont have just one favorite! i love the Green, Geyser Blue, and Vermillion Red

  489. Navy, Deep Blush, Bright Red, Burnt Orange, Emerald; so many lovely colors.

  490. My favorite is the vermillion red, breathtaking!

  491. Gold is my favorite.

  492. the Emerald Green is beautiful

  493. New Denim is my favourite!

  494. The vermillion red is my fav color

  495. Medium grey heather caught my eye

  496. I love royal blue and aster purple! I can’t wait to knit them in a hat together!

  497. Bright Red with some unusual buttons! Just in time for winter and the holidays!

  498. Vermillion Red is beautiful.

  499. Gold is beautiful.

  500. charlene portlock October 29, 2014 at 2:15 pm

    I would love to have the purple yarn that’s my favorite color.

  501. Geyser Bliue.

  502. Oh, I can’t decide between Emerald and Royal Blue. But all the colors are so pretty.

  503. Carrie Hamilton October 29, 2014 at 2:13 pm

    Denim & geyser blue are beautiful!

  504. Pamela W Illies October 29, 2014 at 2:13 pm

    I love the warmth of gold! Makes me warmer just to work with it!

  505. I like all the heathers and Vermillion Red!

  506. Dark Grey Heather

  507. I love the mallard teal, but seeing as it’s out of stock, I’ll go with burnt orange as my second favorite!

  508. Mallard Teal is my favorite color in this yarn – but I am also a Geyser Blue fan.

  509. Mallard Teal is beautiful.


  511. My favorite color is blue but, for this sweater I would choose Natural Mix. I also think it would look really good in Vermilion Red

  512. I think the navy is a perfect shade of blue!!

  513. Bright Red

  514. Dark grey heather! I just live grey knits

  515. Too hard to decide, but emerald looks very nice!

  516. I love the teal color!

  517. Emerald would look fabulous on me although the beautiful medium heather gray would be a great background for many colors and it would go with so many things!

  518. How do you manage to just pick one colour? Royal blue looks good with my white hair, but burnt orange is great and so is spring green.

  519. Melanie Gillespie October 29, 2014 at 1:58 pm

    I love the Dark Grey Heather!

  520. I absolutely love spring green!

  521. I immediately fell in love with Mallard Teal. The color is so rich. I could see making an entire winter set of hat, gloves, scarf and even matching boot cuffs!! Simply beautiful!

  522. So many to choose I love the blue!!:)

  523. Aster Purple – and, since it’s sold-out, I guess I’m not the only one!

  524. The Vermillion Red looks like a great winter color.

  525. Medium grey heather

  526. Jennifer Rimmel October 29, 2014 at 1:53 pm

    I like the Emerald, Spring Green, Denim, Geyser Blue and the Med. Grey! All very pretty.

  527. New Denim

  528. Almost anything blue. Love blue!

  529. Emerald green, especially on a gloomy cold day like today

  530. great colors and patterns always

  531. grays work for many projects, I heard it is the new white

  532. Either Royal Blue or Mallard Teal…. tough to decide between them!

  533. all the grays are great for many seasons wear

  534. I love the rich color of the mocha!!!

  535. I love the classic off-white Aran mixed with green or gray

  536. Denim blue is nice!

  537. Its a tie between Heather grey or Geyser Blue!

  538. I like the vermillion red but all the colours are nice

  539. I like the denim and deep blush. Hard to pick a favorite.

  540. Jacqueline Gould October 29, 2014 at 1:44 pm

    Having a hard time deciding between denim blue and emerald!

  541. I love the New Denim.

  542. I love all the new fall colors but if I have to choose one, I love the Emerald. The sweater pattern would be totally amazing in Emerald.

  543. any and all shades of gray (yes, really)

  544. Jennifer C Dilgard October 29, 2014 at 1:40 pm

    Aster purple is amazing

  545. I would love to make something in the Gesyser Blue!

  546. Tracy Schiff Mynhier October 29, 2014 at 1:39 pm

    Royal blue. I’m a redhead and this is a great color for me.

  547. Love that spring green!

  548. I love the Royal Blue!

  549. The heather grey is my favorite!

  550. Barbara Simpson October 29, 2014 at 1:36 pm

    Emerald is my favorite color of Classic Wool Bulky.

  551. I love Aster Purple

  552. Mallard teal is my favoritr

  553. Green works perfectly with my green eyes and red hair!

  554. I like the New Denim color. Thanks!

  555. Geyser blue!

  556. My favorite color is Mocha. If Ie toit this sweater I’d use a combination of mocha, spring green, burnt orange and green. What do you think?

  557. The Vermillion Red caught my eye.

  558. Geyser Blue is lovely and refreshing

  559. Green would be the best color for me!

  560. new denim is my color choice

  561. Geyser blue is nice – so many great colors it’s hard to choose.

  562. Geyser Blue is my favorite!

  563. Loving the Vermillion Red!

  564. Mallard Teal!

  565. dark grey heather – it goes with everything!

  566. Margaret Zupfer October 29, 2014 at 1:25 pm

    I Like the bulkier yarns. The Geyser Blue is nice.

  567. Love, love, love Burnt Orange! It’s perfect for all the Fall afghans & cowls I’ve been whipping!

  568. I love Patton Wool! I like Burgundy color.

  569. I cannot make up my mind between burnt orange, deep blush and vermillion red. I’ll have to get all 3!

  570. I love the Emerald Green

  571. Dark Heather Grey!!

  572. New Denim

  573. Matthew Walworth October 29, 2014 at 1:21 pm

    New Denim!

  574. The depth of the Navy is fantastic. It’d go very well in a project highlighted with contrasting colors.

  575. I definitely like the New Denim as my favorite colour!

  576. Deep Blush

  577. I love the Teal! So beautiful.

  578. Love the new denim color – but I also like the colors you chose for the sweater!

  579. Love the Aster purple. Hope I win

  580. I love all the blues.

  581. Sharon Beth Kristal October 29, 2014 at 1:15 pm


  582. I love the denim.

  583. I am alllll about that emerald.

  584. Deep blush – definitely!

  585. Burnt orange is the best…

  586. The Geyser Blue has me spouting cheers.

  587. I love that green!

  588. I would make it in green. Thanks.

  589. heather grey – goes with everything for the fall!

  590. I love yellow..a bright bold yellow and I would knit this for me.

  591. Dark grey heather!!

  592. I can’t decide between Emerald and Spring Green!! Their both amazingly unique.

  593. Denim blue is my favorite! Love it!

  594. I love the gold and burnt orange, they’re so cheerful!

  595. Mallard Teal

  596. I love the Mallard Teal

  597. royal blue for me

  598. Vermillion Red- I love fall colors that can go into Christmas :-)

  599. I love the look of this cardigan and the Mallard Teal is calling me

  600. Love the emerald!

  601. Dark Grey Heather which is out of stock!!! So let’s go with New Denim :)

  602. New Denim is my favorite, but they are all beautiful!! :)

  603. The cardigan is GORGEOUS!

    There are so many colors, but I’m picking Geyser Blue, because it reminds me of countrysides in England! (and it is the color I am going to paint my wall soon)…

  604. aster purple

  605. Blue is one of my favorite colors and the royal blue in this sweater will bring out the color of my eyes when I wear it.

  606. The dark grey heather is my favorite. But the light grey heather is nice too!

  607. aster purple

  608. If I had to pick just one, it would be Mocha. That’s a lovely, rich brown. Mallard teal is gorgeous too!

  609. I love the navy, natural mix and heather greys! I would love to see the sweater done in greys!

  610. Love the sweater, and I like the medium grey heather.

  611. of the colors still available, I prefer the emerald which I would probably pair with one of the grey heathers.

  612. Emily Sutherland October 29, 2014 at 1:00 pm

    I like all the colors…but my fave is Green (24108989243)!

  613. My favoutire colour is Purple and I love, love the Aster Purple

  614. I love the gray shades used in the sweater!!!

  615. It’s hard to choose,but i love the beautiful denim color !

  616. I like Vermillion Red.

  617. I like the dark gray heather. And apparently a lot of other people like it too because it’s out of stock.

  618. I like the emerald colour. It reminds me of long walks exploring the forest.

  619. I really like all the blue colors, I think the New Denim is my favorite

  620. I LOVE the new denim color! I’m a blue person at heart.

  621. I like the regular green!

  622. Emerald is so pretty!!

  623. would like to make a cozy blanket of all the blue shades

  624. New Denim is my favourite

  625. I love the denim blue.

  626. New Denim

  627. Aran and Gold!

  628. I am all about brown this year. My favorite color is mocha.

  629. Such gorgeous colors so hard to choose, so for today I will say denim blue since the aster purple is sold out ;-)

  630. The Geyser Blue is gorgeous!

  631. Burnt Orange, of course! All orange all the time!

  632. The Vermillion Red is gorgeous!

  633. I like the new denim! Would love to knit an adult sweater have only done baby size.

  634. Royal Blue (Beautiful!)

  635. Without a doubt the Orange.

  636. I couldn’t pick just one! I like both the navy and denim.

  637. the Aran or the Denim, they would go with so many different colors

  638. Burnt orange

  639. Geyser Blue is it for me ! Love the colour combination of the sweater.

  640. Love the Geyser Blue !

  641. Love that light grey heather.

  642. Mallard Teal

  643. Love the new denim

  644. I love the Aster Purple and wish it wasn’t currently out of stock!

  645. Emerald (I like the Vermillion Red too, but the Emerald really pops!)

  646. The colors are all gorgeous! I think my favorite is Geyser Blue!

  647. isabelle dietzel October 29, 2014 at 12:29 pm

    I would totally go with mocha and add some red accent.

  648. Teal or royal blue

  649. love the new denim

  650. Jocelyne Sansoucy October 29, 2014 at 12:28 pm

    Geyser Blue

  651. Spring green would be my first choice

  652. Royal blue is my favorite

  653. Love the bright colors! Have to pick just one?? Spring Green… and Mallard Teal!

  654. Oh, I love, love, love the Denim Blue and the Natural Mix! They would be lovely together!

  655. Geyser Blue looks beautiful. Thanks for the giveaway!

  656. Aran. Classic and goes with anything.

  657. How can you not love a color called geyser Blue- it makes me so happy! it’s a beautiful color

  658. I like new denim and the natural mix.

  659. YUMMMMMY ..bamboo & silk, what could be better ….Love ALL the colors but the Lotus caught my eye first

  660. Bright red :)

  661. Spring green and Mallard teal are beautiful!

  662. I really like the Natural mix with the Geyser blue color. I can imagine some great items to make with those colors or any of the palette

  663. Royal blue!! and Natural mix are gorgeous!

  664. I love denim anything, so I am loving the denim. Bulky is nice too!

  665. Emerald! No…Spring Green! No…Burnt Orange! No…Medium Gray Heather! No…Navy!

  666. Natural Mix is very attractive. I think this would be my favorite as a background for the Cowichan sweater!

  667. Burnt Orange and Geyser Blue. Maybe not alone together…

  668. I love the purple. It would make a great cowl or sweater.

  669. I love the purple. It would make a great cowl or sweater.

  670. not all the colours show cause of out of stock messages – but i like denim and royal blue :)

  671. I love the New Denim that will go witht the blue jeans i wear everyday.

  672. My favorite color is blue, so any of the blues! I really love the Mallard Teal the best.

  673. Medium grey heather and black

  674. Hi ….The new Denim looks GREAT!

  675. Aster purple

  676. Love the royal blue.

  677. I love the Emerald.

  678. Gray is my favorite color,so I would have to pick the Medium Gray Heather.

  679. Kathleen Nishiyori October 29, 2014 at 12:13 pm

    Natural Mix–versatile!

  680. Kathleen Gardiner October 29, 2014 at 12:12 pm

    I love the Mocha!

  681. Geyser Blue is so pretty.

  682. I like the green best and them vermillion!

  683. My color choice would be MOCHA !!! Lots to choose from, but my choose has to be MOCHA =)

  684. The Medium Grey Heather does it for me!

  685. I like all of the colours but love the green, and geyser blue and heathered grey… Good thing the sweater can be knitted with them all!

  686. I love the emerald green! I have made some chunky cabled scarves with this yarn!

  687. I really like the Royal Blue shade.

  688. my favorite it the Royal Blue,

  689. Emerald looks the best.

  690. Mocha is a yummy color! :)

  691. Natural Mix is probably my favorite, as I am naturally drawn to neutrals, but the vibrant colors are also gorgeous!

  692. Natural Mix! So many possibilities, so little time to knit…..

  693. I love aster purple!

  694. Geyser Blue!

  695. I’m in love with the Emerald! (However, the Geyser Blue is a close second.)

  696. Geyser Blue and Spring Green are tied for my favourite shade :)

  697. I love the Mallard Teal. Teal is such a beautiful and versitle color that goes with almost anything while still looking rich and attractive.

  698. I like Natural Mix the best, it would go with anything! But all the colors are very pretty!

  699. Royal blue is my favorite color in this yarn. This sweater pattern would be great to make as a gift for a friend here in the northeast. Winter’s coming………all too soon.

  700. you mean I have to decide on ONE color? too many beautiful colors to decide on just one!!

  701. I really like the Royal Blue … beautiful and rich.

  702. My usual shades are Aran or the taupes.

  703. Geyser Blue is my favorite.

  704. Definitely denim blue and the burnt orange. Thanks for the chance to win.

  705. Astra Purple and Mocha

  706. I really like the New Denim — would be a very versatile sweater.

  707. Burnt orange

  708. I love the new denim!

  709. I love royal blue

  710. So many beautiful colors…navy for me, please. :)

  711. I’m with you on the blues.. and denim blue makes me happiest!

  712. I love the Emerald color!! So pretty!

  713. Reminds me very much of the sweaters I used to make when my children were small. Each of us had one, and they were so warm and comfortable. It would be great to have the love again.

  714. The natural mix!!

  715. the Heather Grey

  716. i love the medium grey heather!

  717. I love the gold color, just made a scarf with gold and soon i am going to make owl mittens with a gold color.

  718. Gold is so gorgeous! I also love Mallard Teal and Aster Purple, but gold is definitely my favorite.

  719. Aster Purple 24108989310

  720. Anne Austin-Pugh October 29, 2014 at 8:05 am

    Deep Blush

  721. Jessica Johnson October 29, 2014 at 7:56 am

    They are all beautiful but I really love the Spring Green!

  722. I love the blush color.

  723. Aster Purple. Purple is my favorite color.

  724. So hard to choose! I guess if I only get one choice it would be the royal blue.

  725. Royal Blue

  726. love the Heath Heather <3

  727. The colors that is is shown in except I would replace the yellow with a bright green.

  728. Aster Purple

  729. Mallard Teal is the one!

  730. I like the medium grey heather.

  731. Heath heather

  732. new denim for sure!! with the burn orange touches.

  733. I really like the gold – very rich, vibrant color!

  734. Would love to work with Deep Blush!

  735. Denise Jorgensen October 28, 2014 at 10:03 pm

    The New Denim is very nice, but I wish I could see the Teal because teal is a favorite of mine.

  736. I am partial to EMERALD

  737. Tracy Iammartino October 28, 2014 at 9:48 pm

    I love the New Denim!!!

  738. blue the color blue any blue is my favorite color

  739. Mocha – is looks good enough to eat! I wish I felt the three techniques were as easy as Vickie makes them look. I tried two-handed strand work and it was laughable. I will try again, soon, as I have much more experience that the first attempt.

  740. Red is the main color I would use in a sweater.

  741. The greys & blues are my favs !!

  742. New Denim is beautiful!

  743. Anna-Maria Deloucas October 28, 2014 at 8:30 pm

    The vermillion

  744. Ooh, those greys are beautiful.

  745. All the blues are gorgeous, but I’d have to go with the New Denim or Navy.

  746. I love the tweeds! All of them!!!

  747. I would love to use dark grey heather with teal, purple and spring green as contrast colours–oh that would be awesome! :)

  748. Veronica Cordry October 28, 2014 at 7:46 pm

    denim blue!! All yarn is wonderful!!

  749. royal blue would be my choice!

  750. Laurie Schemenauer October 28, 2014 at 7:34 pm

    Vermillion Red for sure.

  751. Jeanette Engebretson October 28, 2014 at 6:57 pm

    I like the denim color.

  752. I love the design as posted on this page. The colour combination is good for either male or female recipients as a Xmas gift or a birthday gift. It looks comfy and warm for that special someone in your life!

  753. Burn orange would be perfect for a fall project.

  754. love the blue

  755. Emerald and any shade of gray
    would make this cardigan look great.

  756. I have always wanted to make myself a heavy sweater. Every time I start one, one of the ladies at work buys it before I can finish it. I tried to just knit at home and then it’s one of my family that wants it

  757. Blue and green

  758. Royal Blue is beautiful. I really love all the bright colors. Would love to knit a project with these yearns.

  759. I love the Mallard Teal!

  760. I love the purple, it’s so rich in color!

  761. Vermillion – plus it’s fun to say ;-)

  762. Barbara Richmond October 28, 2014 at 6:17 pm

    Royal blue is lovely!

    • I love this sweater Patten!! it is so pretty. I like all the colours of the Patons Classic Wool Bulky Yarn , but my favourite would be the burnt orange, so luscious!

  763. I’m in! Looks great

  764. Rosemary Pentland October 28, 2014 at 6:01 pm

    Oh so pretty!! I like the blue best!

  765. I would love to make a sweater with the Emerald color

  766. New denim is very nice.

  767. denim would be great

  768. finally A GREAT LOOKING DENIM COLOR thank you

  769. I love the Vermillion Red and the Natural Mix!

  770. Mallard Teal is such a rich color

  771. Aster Purple!

  772. I love the Dark Grey Heather.

  773. I love the burnt orange

  774. Aster Purple :)

  775. Gold is definitely where it’s at this season for me!

  776. New denim is what catches my eye!

  777. The geyser blue is beautiful !

  778. I love the Geyser Blue!