Mystery Adventure Scarves Look Great!

Our Caron United Mystery Adventure Scarf KAL/CAL has now come to an end, with knitters and crocheters all over the globe sharing photos of their creations on social media. We had over 20,000 participants! I found some of you in the Yarnspirations Forum, others on the Yarnspirations Facebook page.  There was even a Facebook event and a Ravelry group created by two of our friendly yarn crafters.  (Thanks JennyHats and fishhook!)  In addition, I saw some of you on Ravelry, Twitter, and Pinterest. You were everywhere!

In the photo above, you’ll see several of the completed scarves that have caught our attention.  But, that is just a portion of the scarves we’ve noticed.  Here are some more finished scarves that deserve a look.  We love your beautiful work!

More Finished


I noticed that most of you were crocheters, but there were several knitters in the mix as well.  Each week, we all helped each other follow the instructions for each clue, and we made some yarny friends along the way.  We sure did learn a lot of new stitches with this event.  The completed scarves are colorful and interesting – sure to get compliments and questions from your friends.  Now, there are still a few of us (myself included) that are not quite finished with our scarves, but our works in progress look awesome.  Take a look:

Visit us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see updated photos and tell us about your finished scarves — make sure to tag your Instagram and Twitter photos with #yarnspirations so that we can find them.  Also, be sure to sign up for the Yarnspirations newsletter to make sure that you’re the first to know about our next event!

Photos: Scarves were shared on social media by Alethia Lee Douglass, Ashley M, Debbie Colon Acosta, Roberta Duley, shelton410, Tammy Parks Myers, Beth Harm Zimmermann, Carol Annucci, chriskkusa, Michelle Wohlgemuth, Elaine Telford, Tamie Jamison, crochetnut, Deb Vars, Jennifer Buckler, Lenette Schultz Nielsen, Alan Offthehook, Pascale1966, CraftyVex, and Sue Mills.


  1. Why did the Yarnspirations website call for the purchase of 6 skeins of yarn when the knitted project required less than 3 skeins? This is deceitful, and I don’t appreciate having wasted money.

    Furthermore, while it’s nice to have learned some new stitch patterns, I just cannot imagine wearing this odd-looking scarf anywhere. (My project is very similar to the first photo on this page.)

    My mom started on the crocheted version, and gave up after a few clues, as she thought it was a weird and ugly project.

    No more “mystery” projects for us.

    • I’m sorry you are disappointed with your scarf. The mystery projects are always a bit unpredictable, since they are a mystery. The yarn required for each week was figured based on the largest option for each week. It’s always better to have too much yarn, than it is to run out too soon. It’s not an exact science with a mystery project. Be sure to contact Yarnspirations Customer Support to let them know your concerns. Just send an email to

  2. How do I get the patterns for some of these scarves, I don’t understand your “pin it” I am only familiar with Facebook, which is where I saw this, please help.

  3. This is the first time I was part of a crochet along. I was very excited until about clue #2. I think my scarf is hideous (and yes it looks like all the others). This was a very disappointing project to say the least. I was hoping to give the scarf as a gift but am unable to now. I am at least glad I purchased the yarn from Caron so some good came of it. I think projects like these will need some better thought next time.

    • Sorry that you are disappointed with your scarf. Our mystery projects are a great way to learn new stitches, and have fun while learning. Sometimes, they are great for gifts, other times they are best kept for ourselves.

  4. Where are the patterns for the tassels I see in the pictures. I didn’t get htose.

  5. These are so cool! I love how unique they all look. :)

    • Thanks Vickie! I’ve seen your scarf photos, and look forward to seeing it all come together. I’m still making mine also – just need to seam it together, and add fringe.

  6. I am almost finished with mine. Hope I can still add my photo. I love some of these color combinations. I thought we had to use the colors from the Caron United so mine looks like a cub scout :)

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