Mood Scarf

Mood Scarf

For 2016, we resolve to take a little more ‘me’ time – starting with our next group project, where we are making Mood Scarves! Each day, you’ll be knitting or crocheting 2.5 inches of your scarf in the color that best represents your mood for each day of February. At the end of February you’ll have a beautiful scarf that tracks your moods throughout the month. Available in three colorways – Jeweltone Bright, Neon, and Softly Muted – to fit every personality. Which colorway are you?

Get the free patterns and buy your kit here! 


Jeweltone Brights is a collection of rich, vibrant shades that fit a range of emotions from calm, to energetic.


Neon is a bold collection of neon hues for the energetic, and daring at heart!


Softly Muted is a balanced collection of calming, neutral shades.

Buy your kit here 

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  1. This is a great idea! I can’t wait to get started.

  2. I enjoy the way you put the colors together! I can hardly wait to get
    started! My granddaughters will be thrilled! Thank you so much for
    posting these as free!

  3. Excellent idea!! Adding color for this seemingly long season is exciting and uplifting and gorgeous!

    Thanks greatly.

  4. What a great idea for a scarf! I am a bit puzzled though, as in looking at the patterns and the feeling each colour represents, there are only ‘positive’ feelings…no sadness, frustration, stress, etc. Why would this be?

  5. Congratulations Mikey. That is a big accomplishment. Have enjoyed following you on crochet crowd. I really liked your Nutcracker s. That was truly amazing.

  6. Congratulations on 100 years of beautiful yarn and creative ways to use it! I look forward to viewing your website everyday.

  7. This is a lovely idea … Only thing I’ve noticed is there are no colours for any “negative” moods … No anger or sadness or tiredness etc etc

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