Meet Sandy

Meet Sandy

Sandy Davis, also known as “Shandeh“, started working for us in 2009, as a blogger for Bernat Yarns. Over the years, she has maintained a continuous presence on our websites and social media, acting as our Community Chaperone.

You may have seen Sandy in the Bernat Blog, where she shared weekly updates on projects she created with Bernat yarns. She was also the moderator for the Bernat Forum, which had a large membership of yarn crafters from all over the world. This forum was active and engaging, with knit-alongs, crochet-alongs, how-to videos, and daily discussions about yarn, crafting, charity projects, and other topics.

When Yarnspirations combined Bernat, Patons, Caron, and Lily yarns under one banner, we asked Sandy to include all our yarns in her projects and discussions, as well as oversee our presence on Ravelry. She has a substantial knowledge of our yarns and patterns, and is experienced with both knitting and crochet techniques.

She  has been a committed member of our team for several years, and we are pleased to move her into our Facebook community. Please welcome Sandy Davis (“Shandeh”).  We think you’ll enjoy talking to her here on our Facebook page :)

Learn more about Shandeh here:

Facebook page

YouTube videos

Ravelry profile


  1. I am trying to crochet Caron’s zigzag blanket. The first note says “first and last sc of each row is left unworked.” Does this mean to not do it at all, or to do all except the last step of the sc? The first sc is “1 sc in 2nd ch from hook.” Thank you in advance for helping me in any way you can.

  2. Heather Nicholson May 8, 2016 at 8:53 am

    Having problems with the pattern for the Striped Ridge baby sweater that is posted on Yarnspirarions. Have tried the second row many times. The pattern and stitch count doesn’t work. Maybe it’s me??? I am wondering if the pattern is supposed to be knit 4 instead of knit 14? Would appreciated your help. Thank you

    • Hi Heather! I’ve never tried that design myself, so I cannot help. But, our Customer Support team has tested every one of the Yarnspirations patterns, and has direct contact with the Design Team. Your best help will come from them. Just send an email to

      – Shandeh

  3. I’m making the “favorite fashion sweater”. Instructions call for ‘K1below’. U tube shows two possible ways to do it. One is simply the gap just below the top ladder and the second is in the top ladder but includes the stitch on the needle. Which is correct?

  4. Hi Sandy!

  5. She is awesome. I am so glad she will now be doing the Facebook site. I have followed her since 2009 and look forward to seeing more of her on your site. She has always answered any and all questions I have had over the years. I always know I can count on Sandy! :)

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