Patons Stitch Style: Long Weekend Knit Cardigan

Patons Stitch Style: Long Weekend Knit Cardigan

Lived In Layers, our Fall 2016 fashion lookbook, brought us this lush Long Weekend Cardigan that was perfect for the cooling weather. Now that the temperature is rising again, we wanted to adapt the thigh-length sweater by shortening it to hip- and waist-lengths. Now you can choose your length based on what your closet needs! Knit in Patons Classic Wool Worsted, it is still warm enough to chase away the chill, no matter the length. Get the free patterns here.



The original length of this cardigan landed just above the knee. This is a great length for colder climates and seasons, and the burgundy pairs so beautifully with an all black ensemble and leather boots.



By shortening the cardigan to hip length, changing the color to a light grey, and styling it with some casual nautical stripes and sneakers, it suddenly speaks to spring. Don’t forget the trendy mirrored sunglasses. Can you imagine yourself walking around on a sunny April day in this outfit? I know I can!



Once again, we take that hemline up and now it lands squarely at the waist. This length is great for a quick cardigan you want to throw on at the office or when there’s a nip in the night air. Sticking with the office theme, we styled this almost dusty blue with a silky shell, printed trousers and some velvet flats. Time to take that boardroom by storm!


  1. Two and a half months later and we still don’t know if the pattern corrections have been made. Please advise.

  2. Have all the changes/corrections been published yet?

  3. The more I read this pattern the more I see things I see that seem wrong. I started with the sleeves hoping that by the time I was finished them the corrections would be made. Having gotten to the point where I have completed the increasing it says to continue in pattern but not to keep increasing yet the pattern picture of the sleeve seems to indicate that I should keep increasing? Also, the measurements for the sleeves seem to be backward because it reads that the sleeves for the larger sizes are shorter than the larger ones? I usually stay away from new patterns until the glitches have been worked out.

  4. Should I be waiting until the pattern has been reviewed and corrections made until I start this pattern or is it correct?

  5. Question about directions. The long version says to make the back 34″ and the front sides 25″ long before starting to shape front neck. But the hip length says back 28″ and front sides also 28″ long before starting to shape neck. If you do what the directions seem to say, you won’t be able to “cont even in pat until work measures same length as Back to shoulder” because your fronts will be much longer than the back.
    Can you clarify this point?

  6. I have just completed the back and the front for this cardigan but find the front is far too long in comparison to the back. I have followed the pattern.

  7. The instructions for shoulder shaping (after neck shaping) shows decreasing to 46 stitches (an even number), then instructs to continue in pattern. The pattern originally called for working with an odd number when working in pattern on the back and the first part of the left front (after the ribbing). Is there an error in instructions?

  8. cant wait to knit this

  9. Patricia Frost March 1, 2017 at 10:43 pm

    Is there a crocheted version?

  10. I love all three, but if I have to choose it would be the long one and can’t wait to knit one for myself

  11. Love this a shame i can not knit is there something similiar to crochet. Thanks

  12. Any chance you have an adaptation of this same pattern for crochet?

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