Lily Doll Adventures

Lily Doll Adventures

Meet Lily, our favorite doll! Lily is crocheted in Lily Sugar’n Cream cotton yarn (of course), and she’s always on a new adventure. There’s a Lily to crochet for every occasion. Follow Lily on the blog and on Instagram – she’ll be swinging by each week to share what she’s been up to.


Spotting sea lions  at Pier 39

Made it down the steepest part of Lombard Street!


Strolling down Haight and Ashbury!

Meeting a new friend at a store on Haight and Ashbury!


Far out shopping on Haight and Ashbury street!


Stopped for lunch at In-N-Out


Final Stop: a visit to YouTube!


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  1. I made Lily for my granddaughter. Lily is now “Minnie” and she has close to 30 outfits . . . all crocheted. I love this doll! So does my grand daughter. So do her friends!

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