Learn to Knit

Learn to Knit

Learn to knit with our easy to follow video tutorials – we’ll take you from the very beginning with casting on, through basic stitches, and creating a gauge swatch. Whether you’re completely new to the craft, or looking for a refresher, these tutorials are a great resource for all stitchers.

Knitted on Cast On

This tutorial demonstrates step by step, how to work the “knitted” or “knitted on” cast on method for beginning knitting projects. Learning to cast on stitches is the first step in learning to knit.

Knit Stitch

This tutorial demonstrates how to work the knit stitch commonly abbreviated as “k”. The knit stitch is the most common stitch in knitting. Learning the knit stitch is the only stitch required to create garter stitch, the first stitch pattern most knitters learn and a great stitch for a beginner scarf.

Purl Stitch

This tutorial demonstrates how to work the purl stitch commonly abbreviated as “p”. The purl stitch is the second most common stitch in knitting. Learning to work both the knit and the purl stitch gives you the skills required to create hundreds of different knitting textures.


This tutorial demonstrates how to work various combinations of the knit and purl stitch to create rib stitch patterns (or ribbing). Variations of rib stitches are commonly used in knitting patterns where stretch is required to create a non-curl, reversible fabric.

Stocking Stitch

This tutorial demonstrates how to work rows of knit and purl stitches to create stocking stitch or stockinette fabric. Stocking stitch is arguably the most common knitting stitch pattern. Easy to knit and incredibly versatile, stocking stitch is an essential pattern for every knitter to learn.

Gauge Swatch

This tutorial demonstrates how to create and measure a gauge swatch to ensure the most accurate results in a finished knitting project. A gauge swatch should be made before beginning any knitting pattern. Matching the gauge quoted in a pattern is important to ensure your finished project will end up the correct size.


  1. LEARN TO KNIT!!! DO it! Once you learn to knit your whole life changes: you can make GARMENTS. You can knit SOCKS. Knitted projects lay nice and flat, not “chunky” or bumpy like crochet items feel (I used to be a crochet-only person). You may get frustrated at first, but one day… it will all “click” and you won’t be able to stop knitting. My grandmother was a beautiful knitter, but unfortunately passed away before I could have learned from her. I thought I was too old, too uncoordinated to learn such a skill. I now knit as if I have all my life, it is like riding a bicycle.

  2. My daughter is a lefty and I have tried repeatedly to teach her to both knit and crochet….is there a left-handed version for these wonderful skills?

  3. Tacha Philpot May 31, 2016 at 1:22 am

    These videos are great. However I would like to see one about how to finish or cast off when I’m done. I searched on your website, but couldn’t find one.

  4. dianna e holmes May 30, 2016 at 9:06 pm

    thank you for the tutorials i will get started tomorrow I really needed this

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