Guest Post: Polka Dot Knit Hat

Guest Post: Polka Dot Knit Hat

By Kristen Mangus

Hi, I’m Kristen Mangus, the knitting video host and designer behind the GoodKnit Kisses YouTube channel.  It has been my pleasure to be the knitting host for Yarnspirations this year. I hope you enjoy the latest blog and tutorial for YOU.

Today we’re knitting the Polka Dot Knit Hat!  I love polka dots and I can’t wait to teach you this pattern.

Knit hat 1

Polka Dot Knit Hat

Dots!  They’re big and bold, but soft and subtle all at the same time.  Yes!  Bold and subtle.  The large polka dots are knit in seed stitch on a stockinette background to give them just enough texture to stand out.  This hat features a stretchy ribbed brim and a decreased crown to reduce bulk on top and give you a great fit.

knit polka dot hat

I’m also thrilled to introduce you to a new yarn.  The Patons Alpaca Blend yarn shows off the polka dots perfectly.  This yarn is fantastic and if you’ve never used alpaca before you are in for a treat!  Alpaca wool is known for its softness.  This yarn is a blend of 60% acrylic, 22% wool, 10% nylon and 8% alpaca.  You have the easy care of acrylic, the stitch definition of wool and the softness of nylon and alpaca all in one great yarn.

This is an easy hat and I want to make sure you can make this project from start to finish.  If you have never knit a stitch before I do recommend learning some basics first.  I have some beginner videos to teach you the longtail cast on, knit and purl.

Let’s get started together!

The Pattern
Polka Dot Knit Hat

Patons Alpaca Blend (1 ball).
Color Celestial shown above.
Color Yam shown in video

Patons Alpaca Blend YarnNeedles & Supplies

  • Two sets of 4 (or 5) double pointed needles in sizes U.S. 8 (5 mm) and U.S. 10 (6 mm) OR Two circular knitting needles in size U.S. 8 (5 mm) and U.S. 10 (6 mm)
  • stitch marker
  • scissors
  • tapestry needle

Skill Level

One size to fit an average woman.

15 sts and 20 rows = 4″ [10 cm] in stocking st with larger needles.

Skills demonstrated in tutorial

Working with double pointed needles (DPNs)
Working a magic loop with a circular needle
Longtail cast-on
Knit stitch
Purl stitch
K2tog – knit 2 together
Weaving in ends

The Stitches

Let’s get started!  First you’ll want to choose your needles.  The pattern calls for 4 DPNs, I’m going to be using 5 needles and I’ll explain why later on.  I know many of you may be new to using that double pointed needles or intimidated by them.  No worries!  You can also work the hat using a circular needle and a magic loop.  I’ll be demonstrating the pattern on BOTH the circular needle and DPNs so you can clearly see each step.  Don’t forget you’ll need two sizes of whichever type of needles you choose to use.

knit polka dot hat in progress

Now you’re ready to cast on and start the brim using the smaller size needles.  I like the longtail cast-on for so many projects because it has a beautiful uniform edge and is quick and easy to cast-on.  Once you have all your stitches cast on you’ll join them to work in the round and begin working the K2, P2 ribbing.  This will give the brim that stretchiness that is essential to a great hat.  Next you’ll increase a few stitches and switch to the larger needle for the rest of the hat.knit polka dot hat in progress 2

The brim is done so we can finally work on the star of this show.  Yes, it’s polka dot time!   The polka dot pattern is knit in alternating seed stitch and stockinette stitch so all you’ll need to know is how to knit and purl.  This pattern doesn’t have a simple one or two row repeat that you can memorize so you do need to carefully follow the instructions for each round.  This will ensure that your polka dots line up correctly.knit polka dot hat in progress 3

Nice!  You’re almost done with your hat.  Next I’m going to show you how to shape the crown of the hat.  This gives the top of the hat a smooth rounded appearance.  This is done by decreasing the number of stitches every other round.  Here’s where the DPNs really come in handy.  Using 5 DPNs instead of 4 allows you to distribute your stitches evenly on the 4 needles and that means less counting while you are working your decreases.knit polka dot hat in progress 4

Are you ready to finish yet?  Hold on to your hat, literally!  You don’t need to bind off the individual stitches at all.  Once you decrease down to 12 stitches I’ll show you how to cinch up the remaining stitches to join the top of the hat.  Then you’ll weave in the ends and it is done!

If you need a slower video on basic stitches (longtail cast-on, knit, purl, etc.) or other techniques, please check out my slower tutorials on GoodKnit Kisses YouTube.

Come knit along with me!

Happy Knitting!

Kristen Mangus @ GoodKnit Kisses

Are you ready to create this project with Patons Alpaca Blend with me?  We’d love to see your photos!

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