Guest Post: Steep Diagonal Men’s Scarf

Guest Post: Steep Diagonal Men’s Scarf

By Kristen Mangus

Hi, I am Kristen Mangus, the knitting video host and designer behind the channel GoodKnit Kisses.  It is a pleasure to be the new knitting host for Yarnspirations in 2017 and to be able to guest post here!

Learn how to knit the Steep Diagonal Scarf from the Men’s Interchangeable Scarf collection of patterns by Yarnspirations!


Steep Diagonal

This Men’s Scarf collection is packed with 6 scarf patterns featured! I chose Version I, which is a Steep Diagonal stitch pattern. The diagonal created is a high angle, which is a striking feature versus a standard rib or banded design. It is flattering to the wearer, forcing your eye to make contact. *Dreamy results may ensue*!

This video features the pattern in a chunky version using Bernat Softee Chunky yarn. The original pattern set calls for Caron Simply Soft, which is a smaller gauge and lovely but today we are beef-ing it up for your man. (Pardon my expression but I do live in Texas, y’all).

The Softee Chunky yarn gives the diagonal stripes a bold and larger statement while the cuddle factor goes into overdrive. Make this scarf for yourself or your guy today!

We will cast on with only 12 stitches, which makes this a quicker knit. Links and supplies are below.


Men’s Interchangeable Scarves – Version I


2 balls of Bernat Softee Chunky color Emerald

Needles & Supplies

US 11 (8mm) needles. [I used 2 DPNs in this project, since it is about 4″ wide, but you can use a circular needle with a shorter cable or two straight needles.] 1 stitch marker
Tapestry needle

Skil Level

4″ x 60″ (Or knit to desired length.)

Skills demonstrated in tutorial

Longtail Cast-on
Knit Stitch
Purl Stitch
All 12 row repeats
Adding a ball of yarn
Cast off (Bind-off)
Weave in tails

The Stitch.

The stitch pattern is a 6-stitch repeat.  That means you need a multiple of 6 to work this pattern. It is a series of knit and purl stitches. In the video I start slow on the first few purl and knit stitches then speed up a little afterward. The stitch pattern is achieved over 12 rows so I wanted to cover all of them for your benefit.

If you need a slower video on the main stitches or techniques, please check out my slower tutorials on GoodKnit Kisses YouTube playlist.

What helped me most in this pattern is a mantra sounding like a waltz of 1 2 3, 1 2 3.  I love how working with yarn can feel like a dance! Please dance along with me in knitting up YOUR own scarf today!

Happy Knitting!

Kristen Mangus @ GoodKnit Kisses



Are you ready to create this project with Bernat Softee Chunky with me?  We’d love to see your photos!

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