Patons Stitch Style: Knit Envelope Cardigan

Patons Stitch Style: Knit Envelope Cardigan

If you’ve been searching for the perfect layering cardigan, look no further! Fold yourself up in the Knit Envelope Cardigan, knit in Patons Classic Wool Worsted, and it’ll be the highlight of your winter/spring wardrobe. Featuring a delicate, textured stitch, a shawl collar and 1/2 length bat-wing sleeves, this cardigan hits all the right notes. Get the pattern here. 

Stay Fit

Yoga? Pilates? No matter what your fave workout is, we all know how important it is to keep your muscles warm after the gym. This knit cardi is the perfect weight to keep you cozy without overheating, so throw in on as you head out the door.


Stay Casual

Talk about a Weekend Warrior! Whether you’re heading to brunch, the farmers market or dinner with friends, this outfit is sure to get you where you need to go. Stay comfortable and casual with a collared shirt and dark denim, but don’t forget to spice it up with warm leather accents!


Stay Stylish

We love the impact of a maxi dress, even more so when it has sleeves to match! This dark navy is the perfect neutral base so you can really play up the accessories. Pair the simple cardigan with big-impact tassels and lace up booties for a night out with your fashionista friends.



  1. Are there any corrections for the back of sweater after you do the ribbing?

  2. Is it possible to make this sweater longer (mid-thigh) or do you have a pattern that is similar at that length?

  3. I am anxious to knit this cardigan.
    I, however, am so undecided about size.
    I am about 40″ but the large seems so large as it accommodates all the way up to a 2XL. However the smallest size goes down to a 28″ and somehow I think that would be too small.
    Advice, please.
    Thank you.

  4. I am working on the Envelope Cardigan pattern and finding it difficult to understand the instructions for the Shape Collar section, where the directions say: “work 3 rows even in pat, taking inc sts into ribbing.” It is the counting stitches that i do not understand. Any clarification would be appreciated! Lillypat

  5. I read the first comment about whether the number of cast on stitches is incorrect. I didn’t see any followup on the comment. I am getting ready to start the sweater and wondering if I am going to be doing it correctly.

  6. Casting amount for the front and back is wrong. Shouldn’t it be back cast on stitches should be 79 stitches and front cast on stitches should be 159 stitches.

  7. Do you have a crochet pattern for an envelope cardigan?

  8. I would love to see what the back of the knit envelope cardigan looks like and was disappointed that none of the pictures in your different displays showed the back!!


  9. wish there was a similar design in crochet?

  10. I would like the pattern but when I click on “Get Pattern here” nothing happens/

  11. I like it but I want to see it spread out to see the whole shape.

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