Keeping Track of Your Colors for the Mystery Afghan KAL/CAL

Welcome, 2015 Mystery Afghan KAL/CAL-ers!

Today we’re going to go through how to keep track of the yarn that you’re using for your Mystery Afghan!

To get started, find the color combo that you picked from the list of all of our suggested combos.

Get a list of all of the KNIT combos here.

Get a list of all of the CROCHET combos here.


Once you’ve found your color combos, look at which shade corresponds to which yarn and label your skeins.

Here are some of our favorite ways to label our yarn:
1. Write down “Contrast A, Contrast B, Contrast C, etc” on separate small pieces of paper and safety pin them to your skeins.
2. Write “Contrast A, Contrast B, Contrast C, etc” on the ball band of each skein of yarn to help you remember which is which.
3. Snip off a little piece of each of skein, and tape your pieces to a sheet of paper. Write the Contrast that corresponds to each shade beside the shade for reference.

Happy stitching!



  1. I used my own combination of colors, too. What I did was find the combination from the list that matched the closest and then labeled my skeins.

  2. Thanks but what if you’re using different colours than what’s in the kit due to their unavailability?

    • I too and using own color choices Violet, Grey, White and Lavendar. Violet is my main color wondering which order should use for the other 3??

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