Help Us Make the World’s Biggest Stocking!

Grab your hooks and needles, we’re making the World’s Biggest Stocking and we need your help! Join Yarnspirations and stitchers around the world as we knit and crochet 3 ft. x 3 ft. blankets to be joined together to create the biggest stocking ever using Caron United yarn to support Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation.

Here’s how it works:


World’s Biggest Stocking Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is it?
A: We’re attempting to make the World’s Biggest Stocking in Caron United yarn to support the Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides college educations to military kids who have lost a parent in the line of duty. We’ll be accepting donated 3 ft. x 3 ft. knit and crochet blankets, and those blankets will be sewn together to create the stocking.

Q: How do I participate?
Grab your Caron United yarn, download one of our free blanket patterns from the Stocking Tracker, and get stitching! Once you’re all done making your 3 ft. x 3 ft. knit or crochet blanket, send it to us in the mail and it’ll become part of the World’s Biggest Stocking.

Q: How can I show that I’m participating?
A: blog-badge
This blog badge is a great way to show your friends that you’re helping to make the World’s Biggest Stocking. Just save the image and add it to your personal blog, linking back to our Stocking Tracker. You can also get your very own Stocking Tracker to add to your blog or website by sending us an email at

Q: Do I have to use Caron United to participate?
A: Blankets using any worsted weight yarn will be accepted, but only blankets made using Caron United include a 15 cents per skein donation to the  Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation. By making your blanket using Caron United, you’ll be helping to provide college educations for military children who have lost a parent in the line of duty.

Q: Where can I buy Caron United?
A: Caron United is available online on here . You can also buy Caron United at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores, Michaels, Herrschners, A.C. Moore, Walmart, Mary Maxim,, KG Krafts, Save-a-Thon, and Wisconsin Craft Market.

Q: Can I make my blanket in any color?
A: Red, white, and/or green blankets are preferable, but we’re accepting blankets in any color!

Q: When do I have to send in my blanket by?
We’ll keep collecting blankets until we have enough to make the stocking! We’ll make an announcement on Facebook when we’ve got enough blankets to complete the stocking, and you can visit our Stocking Tracker to see how much progress we’ve made.

Q: Do I have to use a Yarnspirations pattern for my blanket?
You can use any pattern, as long as your finished blanket measures 3 feet x 3 feet.

Q: How do I send in my blanket?
You can mail your blanket to one of the following locations:

Caron United – World’s Biggest Stocking Project
1481 West 2nd Street
Washington, NC 27889-4157

Caron United – World’s Biggest Stocking Project
1700 Basset Ave.
Listowel, ON
N4W 0B1

Q: How can I keep track of how the Stocking is going?
Check out our Stocking Tracker here  to keep track of how the stocking is going!

Q: What happens to the blankets?
After the stocking is complete, it will be disassembled and the donated blankets will be cleaned and given to military charities.


  1. I see you made your goal. My daughter & I each contributed a blanket. Has a picture of the finished project been posted?

    • Hi Jill,

      Thank you for your contributions! :) The reveal is on Dec 12 and picture will be posted on and after this date!

  2. Did you reach the goal for Sept.7 ? Mikey, let me know. Pam

  3. I made two and sent them in early. I loved being part of this . Thanks to all that have worked very hard to put this all together. Can’t wait to see the finished stocking

  4. Just curious if you have an idea of how many blankets it will take to reach your 100% goal? I have sent in three myself and can’t wait to see a picture of the completed stocking.

    • How large is the stocking going to be? With all the squares I have seen sent in just via the Crochet Crowd site it must be huge. Where did you post the name of winner of your giveaway?

  5. Is there a submission form to send in with the square? I thought I saw one but I can’t find it now.

  6. I have 2 blankets to send out one from me and one from my husband, I was interested in knowing how far you were at, the tracker is not showing me anything. I would like to make some more blankets if they are needed before shipping.

    • Yarnspirations June 16, 2015 at 1:45 pm

      Hi Kristi, we are currently at 20% of our goal so we could just as much help as possible to reach our goal! Thank you for your support! :)

      Here’s the tracker:

      • Awesome, dug into my stash – got 6 more done and seeing how many more I can create before mailing them out. Wonderful project for an awesome and neat cause. I got to see the World’s Biggest Burrito done in Mountain View, and a few weeks ago the world’s biggest monopoly board was just done here in Fairfield, so excited to be helping with this project.

  7. I finished five more blankets are on their way

  8. I can’t find the submission form that is supposed to be sent with the blanket in order for it to be eligible for the contest.

  9. How do i print the submission form to send in with my blanket?

  10. Are you still accepting squares?

  11. I was wondering if you are still collecting for this project. I have a red c2c that is 36″ & was wanting to donate it. Thanks

  12. will u be posting a picture of the stocking after it is completely put togather?

  13. 36″x36″ does not mean 34″x34″. Add another inch all the way around!

  14. Great idea! Mine is finished & will be enroute tomorrow. Thanks to all involved.

  15. I’m disappointed. Could you please answer my question posted above?

    • Hi Daisy,
      My piece came out the same so I did a double crochet stitch border around it to make a perfect 36″ square :)
      Happy yarning and thanks for joining in.

    • Hi Daisy,
      My piece came out the same so I did a double crochet stitch border around it to make a perfect 36″ square :)
      Happy yarning and thanks for joining in.

    • I am sure it’s just fine as is Daisy

  16. If a blanket is made in another color will it be put on the stocking or just donated to the families?

  17. The crochet pattern shows burgundy but your preferences say red. It that the right red?

  18. My finished crocheted blanket for the stocking measures 34 inches square when I lay it down and smooth it out. But if I stretch it, and it’s very stretchy, it can measure 36 inches square. Should I send it in as is, or add more border ?

  19. Are we doing red, white and blue or red, white and green?

    • Hi Diane! Red, white, and/or green are preferred, but you can make your blanket in whatever color you’d like!
      And in regards to your other question about a deadline, there’s no deadline currently — we’ll keep collecting blankets until we’ve got enough for the stocking, and we’re currently at 10%.

  20. What is the dead line for the 3 x 3′ red white & green blanket?

  21. I have invited several friends to contribute & how they will. Although I am an American, I can understand the Canadian woman’s point. Isn’t there anyway that the squares contributed from Canada be sent to Canadian Military charities? Or alternatively , next year all squares contributed be sent to Canadian Military charities, if this is done on an annual basis?

  22. I love this idea. Thank you! Does Canon United yarn generate a donation year round or just for this event? I may be inclined to switch if it were all the time

  23. I hope that you have another similar project after this because right now I am so busy crocheting gifts that I just don’t think that I will have time this minute. If I send one in a couple of weeks IK hope that you can still use it. We have a wounded warrior living right in our town and I know he and his family well so I really want to join this project. Our family feels as if we owe so much to the veterans and their families

  24. Just wondering how the stocking is coming along there is nothing showing on the tracker

  25. Orgainizing our knitting and crochet group to help out. You stated in an earlier post that this project could go into the new year. I need a time table possible 2 or 3 months? Just received the email and really want to help. Could we make this a project for 2015?
    Thanks! Pam Freel

  26. What percentage of the stocking is already complete? (That way I can gauge how much time I have)

  27. Hi, I have squares from the stitch-cation project. They are all bright colors from the Caron line of yarn. Given it is from the stitch-cation project, Each square has different stitches in it. If I put what I have together and send it in for this project, will it be used for the stocking even though it is not the colors and the pattern that you want?

  28. The stocking tracker is still blank. Hope you start posting the progress soon.

  29. Penelope Pitstop November 20, 2014 at 6:10 pm

    Must the contributions use only the patterns given? How about a 36″ granny square?

  30. To trigger the 15 cent donation, does the yarn have to be bought online and shipped or can we buy the yarn at a craft store?

  31. Sounds like a great project. For the gauge, you say in stocking stitch,;I usuallly make a swatch in pattern, and judge my gauge from that. I usually go 1 or 2 sizes smaller as I knit more loosely. What do you suggest?

  32. We’re getting started today as a group – Glen Williams Knit and Knatter. We’re hoping it will be alright to deliver the blankets to the Listowel address. Advice?

  33. So excited about this project. I am ordering my yarn so that some money can go for a good cause. I am also going to challange my friends to do the same thing.

  34. I love this project! :)

  35. Instead of the stocking, it would be fantastic to make the squares into blankets for homeless vets and veterans hospitals.

  36. What national retailers are stocking Caron United? The store locator on your web site doesn’t list Caron United as a brand/product choice.

  37. What about ripple blankets that don’t have a straight edge on 2 sides?

  38. This is such a great idea. Just purchased my red, white and green Caron United yarn and will start crocheting tonight. Trying to get some of my friends together to do this as a group.

  39. I just started crochet classes at our church for 4th, 5th & 6th graders. This would be a good project for them to get involved in, however, they are just learning and I don’t know if they would have anything done by December. Will this be an ongoing project or just a one time project? I would love to get them involved in a project like this or similar.

  40. what will you do with blankets that are received after the stocking is made? I would hate to be 99% done with this, and then find out that day that it is completed.

  41. Will the blankets made in Canada go to the Canadian military charities?

  42. What is the deadline for the finished blankets? You don’t mention a cut-off date for mailing in the blankets.

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