Happy Wreathster!


Spring has sprung (at least in parts of North America), and we could all use a little pop of color to get us into the spirit of the season. A quick and crafty way to do that is with a good ol' yarn-wrapped wreath! Cotton is the perfect choice for a project like this because the fiber accepts color brilliantly and is an affordable and durable option to work with.

Grab your favorite color combo of Lily Sugar and Cream (Bonus: the yarn's on sale for only $2.49 a skein on Yarnspirations.com until 4/14!) plus a few other supplies, and you'll have yourself a winter-shooing wreath whipped up in no time! Here's how to make one:



1 skein each of Lily Sugar 'n Cream yarn, in colors: Hot Green (MC) and Tangerine (CC) 
Any Size of Floral Wreath Form (I used 10"/25 cm)
Hot Glue Gun & Glue
Crochet Hook (Preferably size G/6/4mm OR H/8/5mm)
Felt & Fabric Scraps
1 Size 75 Self Cover Button
2 Size 60 Self Cover Buttons

Note: If you're working with small children and prefer to avoid hot glue, traditional glue will work, too. Please allow more drying time, however.


  1. Pick a starting point on wreath form and dab a bot of hot glue on the back of that point; beginning with CC, wrap yarn around 10-12 times ending at back of wreath; glue down (taking care not to burn yourself); cut end.
  2. Beginning where you just left off, repeat process with MC.
  3. Repeat Steps 1-2, fifteen times more or until wreath is approximately 1/3 way covered.
  4. Begin process again with MC, now discontinuing stripe pattern and gluing down every 12 or so wraps, until wreath form is completely covered. Cut yarn. P1090490
  5. Following manufactures instructions on package, cover buttons with fabric scraps; glue on to desired point of wreath front .
  6. Cut slightly larger than button circles of contrasting colors of felt (3 total); make diagonal, "pie piece" cuts around edges; cut off 2-3 "pie pieces" completely; tuck and glue felt pieces behind buttons.P1090487
  7. Crochet a 7"/18 cm chain; fold into loop and glue to top-back of wreath.
  8. Hang and feel cheery!

Happy Wreathster! xx, Vickie

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