Customize Your Granny Super Scarf

Customize Your Granny Super Scarf

Our designer Emily walks through how to customize your Granny Super Scarf with the endless color combinations of Caron Simply Soft!

CaronColor1-Caron Granny Square Off-Fig

Get the free pattern here. 

Original pattern shades:

Caron® Simply Soft (6oz /170.1g; 315 yds /288 m)

Contrast A Sticks and Stones                               1 ball

Contrast B Charcoal Heather                               1 ball

Contrast C Grey Heather                                      1 ball

Contrast D Off White                                            2 balls


The world is your oyster when it comes to Granny Square Super Scarves! Crocheted in Caron Simply Soft, the color combinations are endless. In this post, we are going to walk you through the best way to choose your unique combo, as well as some general tips and tricks to make stitching easier!

A few tips to get you started:

– For high contrast granny squares, choose shades that are both very different in hue (ie; orange and blue) as well as very different levels of light and dark (ie: navy and pale pink). This will make the bright hues really pop against the grounding shade.

– Place your yarn balls in the order you will crochet them before you get started to make sure you like the colour placement.  Some shades may look nicer than others when they’re beside each other and it’s best to rearrange before you get started!

– Try changing the number of shades for a completely different look.  Use the same shade for A and C and B and D for a two-tone stripe version.


1) To create a gradient effect scarf like the one pictured, choose multiple shades of the color from darkest to lightest.  Contrast A is the darkest, then gradually lighter shades for B, C and D.

CaronColor2-Granny Square

Caron® Simply Soft Shades:

Contrast A Black

Contrast B Dark Country Blue

Contrast C Country Blue

Contrast D Light Country Blue

2) For a Granny Square with color harmony, choose shades that come from the same colour family like pastels, autumnal shades, neons or neutrals.  The palette below is inspired by rich jewel tones, but get creative and choose your favourite color family!

CaronColor3-Granny Square

Caron® Simply Soft Shades:

Contrast A Chartreuse

Contrast B Fuchsia

Contrast C Plum Perfect

Contrast D Pagoda

3) Try adding an unexpected shade to a more predictable palette to take your Granny Square in a new direction.  The soft shades in the example below could have looked very babyish, but framing the square in Taupe adds a sophisticated edge that recalls a spring day.

CaronColor4-Granny Square

Caron® Simply Soft Shades:

Contrast A Robin’s Egg

Contrast B Chartreuse

Contrast C Blackberry

Contrast D Taupe


  1. Have just been told about your site. I have looked through a no of patterns – my grandaughter is asking me to make her a mermaid shrug I know you can usually get knitted /crochet patterns Diana

  2. I love the idea of the big squares .it makes the scarf stand out more .how did you make the center.I would like to know if you could send me the middle instruction s thank you

  3. Cannot get the pattern for the granny square scarf! I do want to make it, but the link goes to “404 not found”!

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