Culture Club Stitch-Along

Culture Club Stitch-Along
Culture Club Stitch-Along

Culture Club Stitch-Along

We’re kicking off Fall with another fun stitch-along! We’ll be knitting and crocheting two of Fall’s key accessories from our new Culture Club Fall collection with Vickie Howell and The Crochet Crowd! Here’s how it works:

1. Order your supplies:


2. Visit the blog on Tuesday September 29th for the release of the stitch-along videos!

3. Share your progress and finished projects with us on Facebook & Instagram – don’t forget to tag us, and use the hashtag #Yarnspirations

4. Enter our Photo Contest for a chance to win 1 of 2 Fall Mega Yarn Prize Packs!

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  1. Is there a place where we can see what everyone is doing, post photos etc????? I like to see what everyone is doing but all I see on the FB page is patterns and everything BUT pics from this stitch along.

  2. I am getting to my third pattern row repeat and am having a hard time with my tension. My fabric only really looks similar to video when I stretch it. I have ripped out and started over 3 times and still something is off. I am going forward hoping that as I go along my tension will improve and look like video-I am really wanting to enter photo contest.

  3. There are lots of free crochet patterns for beginners on the Yarnspirations website:

    To start crocheting, here are some beginner video tutorials by Bernat Yarns.
    Crochet Chains:
    Single Crochet:
    Double Crochet:
    Half Double Crochet:
    Treble Crochet:
    Changing Colors:
    Weaving in Ends:

    Those videos will help you get started. Have fun with crochet!

    – Shandeh, from Yarnspirations

  4. I’m out in Spain for a couple of months, and the only Yarn with me is Aran weight. Would it work at all with that weight?

  5. I have a question re: globetrotter shawl. Rows 13, 15, 17 have you joining to the adjacent loops. Then, as you go in the opposite direction, Rows 24 and 26 do the same. However, when you look at the picture, there are 3 adjacent loop joinings for each direction. Am I missing something? I’ve frogged this scarf so many times that now I’ve just noticed the pattern could be wrong. TIA and I’m loving this shawl so far!

  6. Supplies have arrived and I am so excited! Cant wait for Tuesday!

  7. I have a question. On the crocheted scarf, do we HAVE to use the exact same yarn and color to enter the contest?

    • You can use any yarn that will work to gauge. Any color combination you want. Have fun with it!

      – Shandeh, from Yarnspirations

  8. I wud really like to crochet the scarf, however, slow and unreliable internet… are the vids available as a download, even at a cost, id be so happy to make this one of my winter projects …


  9. I am in love with the global scarf.

  10. Please recheck the pattern on the Shadow Cowl w/ Accent trim for accuracy. Have attempted this pattern 10 times and it does not work into the design as published. I am not new to knitting. Thank you. Looking forward to a reply.

  11. I am in for both the CAL and the KAL. I will be in Australia/New Zealand for 4 weeks of the knit-along but I’ll see how it goes. I ordered the yarn and hopefully it will get here in time. Pinon from New Mexico

  12. Do I have to order anything to sign up? I joined before and I always had to search every week to find the new instructions.

  13. I would be doing the cowl, could you please tell me if you will be getting a pattern each week as well as the videos; like you did in the mystery Afghan ALL. Thank you, Susan Hafner

    • There is only one pattern for each project (one knit, one crochet). No new pattern each week this time. I hope you enjoy making your cowl!

      – Shandeh, from Yarnspirations


  15. Are you going to do a tutorial on the Cowel in crochet. I can not knit and I love it. Also will there be a print out of both patterns

  16. It would be nice to know any restrictions for the Stitch-Along, just in case some of us slower crocheters would like to get started. Any restrictions in yarn?

  17. Would like to follow this program.

  18. Looks like fun projects.

  19. sounds like fun. What do I do?

  20. Any suggestions for alternate colors on the globetrotter shawl? I prefer the colors pictured above, but 2 of the main colors are discontinued, the Canyon and the Cowboy.

  21. Can’t wait. Always up for a new challenge.

  22. This looks so great! I can’t wait to start. :)

  23. Sign me up please!

  24. Hi Mike
    I love to do crochet and I m making few things which
    I will post on your site when completed. I really need
    Few good patterns for baba suit for newly born and 6to
    16 month old something real cute and unique !Hoping for a reply
    Thanking you

  25. Thank you for letting join and I just love Mikey and Dan and all the lovely are so nice and crochet very beautifully…..

  26. excited to do this stitch along, the globetrotter shawl is beautiful and will be a challenge.

  27. Can’t wait to start!

  28. Can’t wait to get started making the Globetrotter Shawl.

  29. Sharing your site with over 15 women who knit and crochet for people in hospitals, ( Women, Men, Children and Babies) Keep up the great site.

  30. I would love to join the Culture Club crochet scarf with Mike and Vicki.

  31. I love the videos

  32. I love Mickey. He gives the best directions.

  33. I’m a beginner should I tried this?

    • Both projects are intermediate level, and will require quite a bit of concentration for a beginner. You’d best wait for another craft-along. You’ll find lots of them from Yarnspirations!

      – Shandeh, from Yarnspirations

  34. absolutely love all you do especially the stitch-alongs keep up the good work

  35. Wished I had continued with the bags. Love them & great for gifts. For sure I will be doing the scarves IN CROCHET! VICKIE, WE NO LONGER HAVE CABLE. I SO MISS SEEING YOU & YOUR GUEST ON YOUR KNITTING & CROCHET SHOW ON PBS. LOOKING FORWARD TO CROCHETING ALONG WITH MICKEY.

  36. Brenda Simpkins - Primer September 9, 2015 at 7:14 pm

    I still have plenty to learn when it comes to crochet I wouldn’t love to make a baby sweater I’m going to have a granddaughter in February

  37. Would love to be able to crochet

  38. I think this is quite wonderful, I am a knitter, hopefully one day a crocheter too I also do quilting and regular sewing. This means that I am not a fast knitter. Good luck with this new idea.

  39. Looking forward to making this.

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