Caron Color: Crochet Tasseled Throw

Caron Color: Crochet Tasseled Throw

There’s nothing better than making a simple afghan sparkle with the addition of some thick tassels! This little luxury elevates an everyday blanket into an extraordinary design element, adding drape and weight and – lets face it, a whole lot of drama. Today we’re highlighting  the Caron One Pound Crochet Tasseled Throw, one of our all time faves, and showing you how to mix up the style by mixing up the color scheme.


The original colorway was in tone-on-tone neutrals. All grey, all the way! While we love the quiet simplicity of this classic shade range, it’s fun to see exactly what you can accomplish with a splash of color.


While we kept the body of the blanket the same dark grey, we went ahead and switched out the grey tassels for a soft, earth toned autumn look. The pairing of deep reds and browns with surprisingly fresh green and orange echoes the transition from summer to fall, making this a great project to do while you wait for winter!


Flipping the whole look on its head, this blanket screams spring! Using Caron Simply Soft instead of Caron One Pound for the tassels, the satiny, bright jewel tones really pop against the cream blanket, and evokes more of a bohemian feel that will match a playful decor style beautifully!


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    I tried to download the Caron Color: Crochet Tasseled Throw pattern but it didn’t work.


  3. How do you make and attach the tassels?

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