Come On Yarnspirations, Light My Fire!

Lately, I’ve had a dry spell with my knitting and crochet. I’ve lost my mojo. I think it all got started when I had that wrist injury a couple months ago, and I couldn’t knit or crochet for six weeks. Now, I am finally able to do yarn crafting again, but none of the projects I’ve already started are keeping my interest.

So, I’m going to let Yarnspirations light my fire again. I’m going to put that Inspiration Machine to work, pronto!
Have you ever tried using the Inspiration Machine?

To get started, I looked in my stash of Yarnspirations yarns, to see which one I wanted to work with. I picked Caron Simply Soft Light, because I’ve never used this yarn for a project before. I have 3 skeins Riviera, 3 skeins Magenta, and 2 skeins Honey. This should give me lots of options.

Opening up the Inspiration Machine page, I clicked the Yarn button, then selected Simply Soft Light. Next, I clicked SEARCH, and got these results.

The Soft Shells Baby Blanket is really pretty, and I have exactly enough yarn to make it, so that’s a good choice.

And I love the Cape Sleeved Cardi, but I don’t have enough yarn for it. Maybe I should get a couple more skeins?

The Wrap It Up Scarf is nice too, and I only need 2 skeins for that one.

Hmmmm…..decisions, decisions. Oh well, at least I now have some inspiration, to light my mojo on fire again.

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