Choosing the Right Yarn for Arm Knitting

I went to my local craft store and noticed that stock for great, super- bulky yarns like Patons Cobbles are quickly depleting. It’s possible that I’ve single handedly caused this to happen whilst whipping out an arm knit scarf (or 12), but more than likely it’s happening because the masses have jumped on the arm knitting train. So, what’s a knittin’ kitten to do when the yarn we want isn’t available the minute we want it? Don’t worry, friends — our mission to make won’t be quelled. Nope. Instead, we’ll do what we crafty types do best; we’ll get creative! Here are just a few ideas of how to substitute yarns for arm knit projects so you can not only make do, but also make your project uniquely you!


1. Use any yarn! Seriously. You can arm knit (AK) with any fiber imaginable. The thing to remember is that the thinner the yarn (or fewer strands you use) the more open weave your project will be.


2. Mix and match. Just because certain yarns are called for in an AK pattern, doesn’t mean you can’t use others. If you’re making a scarf or cowl, then there really aren’t any rules. I love to mix a bunch of different weight and textures of yarns so that every piece I make looks unique!


3. The same game. If you really love the general look of the sample shown in a pattern, but can’t find the exact weight/type of yarn you can still get a similar look by combining different yarns. For example: Substitute 2 strands of a bulky yarn to get the look of 1 strand of super-bulky. Use 2-4 strands of worsted in place of a bulky yarn. You get the idea!

Here’s a quick guide to some Yarnspirations bulky and super-bulky yarns you can mix and match with!
Bulky: Patons Classic Wool Roving, Bernat Roving, Patons Colorwul, Patons Shetland Chunky
Super-Bulky: Patons Big Boucle, Bernat Softee Chunky, Bernat Really Big, Patons Delish

Have fun!

Xx, Vickie


  1. I’m wondering if it would work to finger knit a very, very long strand and then Arm knit with that?? Is that a thing? I know it will take a VERY long time but I’ve got a lot of time on my hands! I just don’t want it to be wasted on a finished project that won’t work.

  2. I want to start arm knitting. I have never knit before. I don’t know what to buy for yarn, but I wanted to do a blanket. I don’t know if I need one solid length of yarn or if there is a way to connect it.

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