Braided Gift Topper

Braided Gift Topper

Dress up your gifts this Christmas with these easy, no-needle braided gift toppers! Patons Metallic makes the perfect shimmering decoration for every present under the tree. A fresh take on a classic ribbon, your gift wrapping will be unmissable on Christmas morning! Follow along with these step-by-step instructions to learn how to make these simple braided ribbons.

Step 1

  • Choose your favourite colors for the braided ribbon.
  • Measure the amount needed to wrap all the way around the gift.
  • Cut three strands the appropriate length.


Step 2

  • Tape down to a steady surface to stabilize.
  • Braid the entire length, (not too tight or it will twist).


Step 3

  • Knot both sides approximately 4 inches from each end to keep from unraveling.

braided3 braided4

Step 4

  • Tie in a bow around all your gifts for a glamorous and festive take on a classic ribbon.
  • Tuck the presents under the tree and watch the faces light up with excitement Christmas morning!


To add a little extra charm, check out our printable gift tags you can attach to any gift! Containing 8 different tags, the downloadable sheet is exactly what you need to finish off all your presents.


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