Bernat Blanket Patterns + Tutorials

Bernat Blanket Patterns + Tutorials

This super cozy, super bulky  yarn is available in a range of stylish shades to compliment your home decor. It’s the perfect yarn to make super cozy afghans that you’ll love to curl up with. Here are some of our favorite cozy afghans patterns made in Bernat Blanket

  1. Bricks Blanket
  2. Cozy Cables Blanket 
  3. Cozy Checkerboard Afghan
  4. Cushy Garter Blanket 
  5. Easy Peasie Blanket
  6. Horseshoe Cable Blanket 
  7. Larksfoot Blanket 
  8. Woven Plaid Blanket 
  9. Ripple Blanket 
  10. Step Ladder Afghan 



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  1. I need to know how to join these Blanket yarns securely. I am tempted to knot them at the edge but worry about how secure a knot will be in the wash.

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