Beach Bag Challenge

Beach Bag Stitch Along Challenge

Beach Bag Stitch Along Submissions

We’ll be knitting and crocheting a new beach bag every week, for three weeks! Prizes will be given out for each weekly bag and whoever makes all 3 beach bags can enter for a chance to win a grand prize!

Visit the blog every Monday between June 29 and July 13 for a new stitch-along video. We will be accepting final picture entries via email unit August 19, 2015.

Join the Stitch Along 


Crochet & Knit 

The more you stitch, the more chances you have to win! There will be 7 challenges that participants can enter, for each weekly bag, and one grand prize for those who crochet or knit all of the CAL/KAL beach bags. Winners will be picked by random draw.

Weekly Bag Prizes: Yarn Prize Pack with 20 balls of The Original Lily Sugar ‘n Cream (102001, 102002)
Grand Prize: Yarn Prize Pack with one ball of every  color from The Original Lily Sugar ‘n Cream (102001, 102002, 102020 and 102021)

We will be accepting photos of completed bags as per the pattern provided in the CAL/KAL videos.

The Challenge

  • Complete the beach bag(s) as per the pattern and tutorial videos.
  • You can use any colors you wish.

General Guidelines

  • Each completed project you submit is one entry. You are welcome to submit as many completed projects as you like. If your projects are all the same color/design, you must take a group photo to prove that each bag is unique, as each bag qualifies as one entry.
  • You can choose any colors you wish and you can mix and match your yarns. Project can be done in solid or mixed colors.
  • No advanced sign-up is required.
  • The challenge is open to all residents of the US and Canada (excluding Quebec).
  • Winners will be chosen at the end of the challenge by random draw, to ensure fairness to all challenge participants.

How To Submit Your Photo

Please email your photo to:

  • Please use Subject Title: Beach Bag Stitch Along 
  • Indicate which challenge you are entering and which skill: CAL/KAL, Week 1, Week 2, Week 3 or Trio Challenge
  • You must include your name and full mailing address to qualify.
  • Attach your photo(s).

If you have forgotten to include your name and address in your email and have to resend, you must send in your photo again with your new email.

Give us a 4 day window to review and enter your photo into our challenge please do not resubmit you entries. We do not acknowledge the arrivals of each email, but you may check our assigned gallery for this draw to ensure we have received it. The galleries are in alphabetical order by the name you gave us.

See full official rules and regulations

Sweepstakes open to 50 U.S. states, the District of Columbia (“D.C.”) and Canada (excluding Quebec)

 Share what’s in your bag! 
Show us what’s in your completed beach bag and tag #yarnspirations



  1. i have just sent in my photo of my beach bag challenge of the summer beach bag tote I hope i have done it right please could you let me know if you receive it please

  2. how/where do i access the gallery to see if my photos are posted? I check the blog but it just sends me to the tutorials. i submitted my first bag photos last Monday.
    thank you

  3. Where do we find the photo gallery with all the participants bags?

  4. where do I find the Gallery of entries to see if mine was received?

  5. I am going to give it a try to complete all bags too, in both the knit and the crochet! My number of WPI’s is low, as are the UFO’s. I like having more WPI’s, though I will probably increase the UFO’s. 2015 challenge to complete 15 UFO’s in 2015. Questionable if I had 15? Perhaps I will add complete 15 Bags in 2015! Will only need two more after I finish an evening bag knit with VHS tape. The cases are recyclable!

  6. Will be fun,can’t wait

  7. I can not join. It will not let me. It asks for the info and then it will not do anything!

  8. Will the rich textures, garden and Fourth of July bags be the first ones we need to crochet for this challenge?

  9. Is there a reason only the US and parts of Canada can apply? I mean, you do have a world following so cutting others out seems to go against your mission? Is there some legal reason why? If so, please explain so those living abroad can understand and not get upset???

  10. I’m excited for this challenge, I’m much better with a deadline on these kinds of things…And some of those bags are DAR-LING! Love you Mikey, and looking forward to getting to know you Vickie!

  11. It says on your Rule and Regulations that Sweepstakes open to 50 U.S. states, the District of Columbia (“D.C.”) and Canada (excluding Quebec) . Why is the Province of Quebec excluded from the Sweepstakes?

    • Yarnspirations July 7, 2015 at 8:30 pm

      Hi Ana,

      We wish we could open our contest to anyone and everyone who wanted to participate. Unfortunately, we cannot adapt our rules and regulations to the requirement of every country and region. We hope you understand and enjoy the stitch-along tutorials anyway.

  12. Sally pickering June 17, 2015 at 11:07 am

    Would like to join in

  13. I’m in! I’m first CAL! I’m so excited!!

  14. BTW, do we have to tune into the blog at a particular time? Or is the video tutorial available for viewing at any time that’s convenient to the participants? And what site do we go to in order to view the blog? Just the obvious

  15. Just want you to know that I’m really looking forward to this KAL! Super idea! Also love your cotton yarns for making dish cloths. Appreciate the discount offer on the yarn for the KALs too, although I may just pick it up at a local craft shop. Don’t worry, though, it’ll be your yarn I’m buying. Thanks for the fun project! : )

  16. My Granddaughters are as excited as I am! They have already picked out the yarn for their bags.

  17. I’d love a challenge like that in my country. I’m from Argentina. Hugs :)

  18. 😢 What a shame the photo contest isnt open to the rest of the world . Though I do appreciate shipping costs are prohibitive,it would be nice if we could join in somehow

    Good luck to everybody entering 👄

  19. I made the 1st bag this week and love it but had to leave out some rows at the end as I ran out of the 5 balls it says and I even used a 4.5 hook so buy an extra one!

  20. I love them all…now do I knit or crochet first??????

  21. I am so excited to do this! This is my first time doing a stitch along and I cannot wait to see what everyone else is doing too!

  22. mary baribeau June 12, 2015 at 4:45 am

    I am so excited about this crochet / knit along.

  23. Looking forward to seeing everyone’s photos! :)

  24. The world doesn’t just consist of the USA and Canada you know! You have people from around the world that follow you and yet we always get left out of entering things like this or being able to take advantage of special offers on yarns etc.
    Why can’t we join in the fun?

    • The Province of Quebec is excluded and it is in Canada. Don’t ask me why. I left my question and noone answered me yet. It’s a shame because I love crochet and I always follow the Yarnspirations and The crochet crowd web sites. It,s a shame!!

      • So I agree. As long as Yarnspirations can ship to you, you should be allowed to participate. But wait,…then I’ll have less chance of winning…HA!

      • That doesn’t seem fair either Ana. Maybe someone will let us know why we can’t join in

        • I’ve asked my question twice and neither Yarnspirations nor Crochet Crowd answer me. It’s a shame. It’s not that they don’t see our question, they won’t answer. Because they answer other questions. Apparently someone is reading the questions. Hello!! does anyone care to answer why the Province of Quebec can’t participate in the challenge????? It’s just a simple question you know!!!

    • I do not know the answer to this. I just know that these are the guidelines for this particular contest.

  25. Barb turcotte June 11, 2015 at 4:01 pm

    Omg, getting excited for this! So nice to have a place to go and chat and show my passion with others that share the same interest!!

  26. I can’t wait to try this

  27. This sounds like we are going to have some great fun and some great summer beach bags when this is over. Can’t wait!

  28. I’m excited. This is my first knit-a-long.

  29. Hmm. I like both of the weeks 1 & 2, and neither of the week 3.

  30. Challenge accepted! Crochet and knit all the bags!

  31. CRYSTAL SLATER June 11, 2015 at 11:04 am


  32. Too bad this isn’t open to India…. :) Would be great if this is made global.

    • I wish Australia was able to join the competition also but we can still make the bags just like not competing,

  33. 17 skeins of yarn for one bag? I don’t use that many for a throw! One, yeah or three if you have to make it in three colors, What gives? Is it a type-O?

    • The bag is double stranded and the cotton balls are not the 7 oz Super Value Size. The double stranded allows for extra thickness for durability. The bag will stand up on it’s own and can hold a lot more weight.

  34. This should be a fun one!! :)

  35. So excited!

  36. The Rich Textures Tote won’t download. I can get the other 2 crochet ones.

  37. can’t wait looks like lots of fun

  38. I keep trying to join and the site says there is an error. I have tried 4 times.

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