Baby Lookbook Remix

Baby Lookbook Remix

We asked some of our favorite bloggers to pick patterns from our new Baby Lookbook and put their own creative twist on them! The result? Adorable remixes of our new patterns for baby!


Moogly swapped a couple of yarn colors and turned our Mousie Snood into a Panda Snood!

“I love changing colors and getting a whole new look – the Mousie Snood becomes a Panda Snood just by making the snood in white and the ears in black and pink!” 


Read here full blog post here!

Repeat Crafter Me 

Our Garden Lattice Jumper was transformed in pretty pinks, with an adorable owl cross stitch embellishment!

“I loved the baby jumper from the first moment I saw it but knew that I wanted to make it pretty and pink for my daughter. I also saw an opportunity to choose a different design for the cross stitch embellishment. An adorable little owl was the perfect finishing touch!” 


Read the full blog post here.

Playin’ Hooky Designs 

Another cute take on our Mousie Snood! Playin’ Hooky  attached Bernat Pipsqueak around the edge of the snood for a cozy fur finish!

“Such a fun project! I began my Mousie Snood with Bernat Baby Blanket on Round 2 using a chainless foundation and continued working until it was the right length. I then attached Bernat Pipsqueak to the bottom of my foundation round and worked 1 hdc in the BLO of each stitch around to create the cozy fur edge.”

Mousie Snood - Playin' Hooky-3

Read the full blog post here.

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  1. Lovely choices!!! Something to consider for me too.

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