About Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation

His Loss Our Duty

About Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation

Established in 2002, Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation is dedicated to providing college scholarships, supplemental grants and educational counseling to military children who have lost a parent in the line of duty. Since its inception, Fallen Patriots has provided over $7.5 million in assistance and has identified over 5,200 children of the fallen who will need our help. The foundation’s website is located at fallenpatriots.org.

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Sales Will Send Children of Fallen Service Members to College Debt-Free

From every ball of Caron United yarn that is purchased, 15 cents will be donated directly to the foundation.

All proceeds from the Caron United donations will directly benefit students like Meghan Flanigan, whose father was killed in a helicopter crash in 2006. Shortly after, Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation reached out to let her know that they were there to help pay her college tuition and room and board at the University of Alabama. With their assistance, Meghan has been able to pursue her dream of studying pre-med without incurring any student loan debt, and every ball of Caron United yarn sold helps support these families and their dreams.

“As a product that is made in America, Caron United is proud to raise awareness and support the mission of Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation,” said Ryan Newell, president of Spinrite LP.

“We’re excited to embark on this partnership with our passionate knitting and crocheting community and we hope to inspire a new group of crafters along the way, who are moved by this wonderful cause.”

For more information about Caron United visit yarnspirations.caronunited.com.

Donate to Children of Fallen Patriots by visiting fallenpatriots.org.



  1. Why are the blankets taken apart after all the time & love it took to make them?

    • The blankets were left intact, and donated to charity. When the blankets were sent to us, we seamed them all together to make the giant Christmas stocking. Afterwards, they were taken apart, back to their original condition, so they could be used for charity.

  2. i loved Caron yarn before…but now i’ll use it even more …such a great project. Is it ongoing..and for all the military chldren that lost parents??

  3. Where can I find Caron United Yarn. Have looked at Walmart , Joann’s,
    Michaels, hobby lobby , Hancocks, in the Memphis, Tn area .
    No one had the yarn Caron United Yarn.

  4. Will any of the money from these purchases be sent to the survivors of Canadian Military?

    • Children of the Fallen Patriots is strictly in the USA, unfortunately not for the Canadian Military.

      • I think we should look into it, image how many kids we could help. While the military does pay a survivor pension to the spouse and kids, as far as I know there is nothing set up for post secondary education etc for our kids Mikey. I can contact the military family resource centre in Victoria and see if there is to confirm if you like?

        • If you find anything from the MFRC in Victoria, please pass it along. I’ll check with the one in Gagetown and perhaps together we can get this started here in Canada. I am a veteran, married to a veteran and come from a long line of veterans in my family. My son is currently serving. Ler’s make things happen!!

  5. I think this is a wonderful idea.

  6. I see that this is a project aimed at the Christmas season. Does that mean that this is a strictly Christian project which will be launched under a Christian banner, or is this a strictly “American Needleworkers’ project? ALSO – what becomes of this stocking afterwards? Will it be cut apart, and given as children’s blankets and/or wheelchair blankets? If each piece is a 36” square, one bed blanket would need at least 4 individual squares. A wheel-chair user’s lap blanket would need to be 2 squares together, so as to wrap or tuck in back.

    • Morning Gail. It’s strictly Crochet and Knitting Project. There’s no religious ties to it. the afghans will be disassembled and cleaned before going to to hospitals and charities.

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