2015 Mystery Afghan KAL/CAL – Crochet Color Combos

CAL Color Combos

You’ll need yarn in the following quantities to complete your CAL afghan:

If you’re using Caron Simply Soft:
Contrast A
: 4 skeins
Contrast B: 2 skeins
Contrast C: 2 skeins
Contrast D: 2 skeins

If you’re using Bernat Satin:
Contrast A:
6 skeins
Contrast B:
3 skeins
Contrast C:
3 skeins
Contrast D: 
2 skeins

NOTE: Because some of the CAL kits were updated due to some shades being out of stock, we’ve included both the original and update kits here. If you bought one of our 4 original kits, they’re listed below:


Baby Shades


Jewel Tones

CAL - Jewel Tones




Country Home

CAL - Country Home (Original)


If you picked one of our newer color combos for your CAL afghan, find your color combo below:

Mikey’s Picks #1


Mikey’s Picks #2

CAL - Mikey's Picks #2


Soft Shades

CAL - Soft Shades


Harvest Shades

CAL - Harvest Shades


English Garden

CAL - English Garden


Michelle’s Picks

CAL - Michelle's Picks


Country Home (Version 2)

CAL - Country Home (Version 2)


Neutrals (Version 2)

CAL - Neutrals (Version 2)


Dawn’s Picks

CAL - Dawn's Picks


Tropical Tones

CAL - Tropical Tones


Wild Child

CAL - Wild Child


Bernat Satin – Country Shades

CAL - Bernat Satin Country Shades


Bernat Satin – Pink Shades

CAL - Bernat Satin Pink Shades


Bernat Satin – Jewel Tones

CAL - Bernat Satin Jewel Tones


Bernat Satin – Blue Shades

CAL  - Bernat Satin Blue Shades

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