2013 Temperature Scarf: Scarves Completed!

2013 Temperature Scarf
2013 Temperature Scarf

Last year, our forum members participated in a year-long project, where we knitted or crocheted a scarf or blanket, using different colors to represent daily temperatures. Now that the year is over, it’s time for us to show off our completed works! Of course, some of us (myself included) are still finishing our projects…..and that’s okay too. But, we are encouraged and inspired by your creations!

If you have a completed temperature project to share, please go to the Yarnspirations Forum, and tell us your story. We want to see your work!

Crochetnut made TWO scarves, so they would be easily wearable. Each scarf shows temps for six months of the year. Smart!

Laynie decided to stick with the original plan, and made her scarf over 3 metres long! Awesome!

Scrapchris placed black dividers, to designate the months. Very nice design!

GrannySquare41390 stayed true to that moniker, and created a blanket, with each day of the year represented in small squares. What a great idea!

Myfanwy wants to add a crochet edging to her scarf, and has added “learn to crochet” as one of her 2014 resolutions. You can do it!

MinneWhiteNorth made a very creative scarf, with lots of color and pattern variation. Striking!

Keep reading the Yarnspirations Blog, to see more lovely projects created by our outstanding community of knitters and crocheters! Expect to be inspired.

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  1. I love the blanket! How do you get the two-toned granny squares? Is there a pattern I can follow?

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